Petition: Cancel the Pig Racing at the Cheese & Chilli Festival, Winchester, United Kingdom

by: Pigs Don’t Race
recipient: Cheese and Chilli Festival, Winchester, United Kingdom

2,616 SUPPORTERS in United Kingdom
35,821 SUPPORTERS – 40,000 GOAL

Racing animals is cruel and exploitative. The festival plan to race pigs at their event on 18th August 2018 when temperatures are expected to be high. Racing is not natural behaviour for pigs and noisy crowds of people will be frightening for them. A race is not a suitable environment for the pigs, does not allow them to exhibit normal behaviour patterns and does not protect them from pain and suffering.

The festival has lots of things happening and dropping the pig race and replacing it with something with willing participants would take nothing away from it.

Sign now to appeal to Winchester Cheese and Chilli Festival to take the compassionate step and not force pigs to race at their event.

Photo credit: Flickr, Brent Moore


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