Petition: DON’T SHOOT AFRICA’S LAST ELEPHANTS! #DontShootElephants #Botswana

by: Ed Goncalves
recipient: HE Mokgweetsi Masisi, President of Botswana

44,386 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL


Botswana is the last safe haven for Africa’s elephants. It’s a refuge for ONE THIRD of the species’ remaining population. This is in large part thanks to a BAN on trophy hunting.

Now, though, the country’s Parliament wants to make trophy hunting LEGAL. Botswana’s President has launched a public consultation.

Make your voice heard by signing this petition – BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


“We strongly urge His Excellency Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, the President of the Republic of Botswana, to keep the current ban on the trophy hunting of elephants in place.

Trophy hunting brings a cruel death for the target animal, and does little to benefit local communities or support wildlife conservation.

Elephant populations have fallen dramatically in recent years, including in neighbouring countries where trophy hunting is permitted.

Botswana is now the best hope for the survival of this magnificent creature. Losing the African Elephant would be a conservation disaster for Botswana, Africa and the world.

We very much hope you will demonstrate your, and Botswana’s, continued global leadership in helping preserve the African elephant for future generations by ensuring the trophy hunting ban remains in place.”


Petition: Stop Starving the Oostvaardersplassen Animals!

by: Margherita B
recipient: State Forestry Service, Oostvaardersplassen Park

29,033 SUPPORTERS – 30,000 GOAL

Oostvaardersplassen is a 56 square km park in The Netherlands that is home to an array of animals, including red deer, an ancient breed of cattle and wild horses. Those who run it have opted for a natural management, which basically means that nature is allowed to take its course. However, there are no predators and the only thing that limits population growth is food – being fenced in, the large herbivores have eaten all they can and in recent months they have been starving to death.

Activists are trying to feed them anyway, risking jail sentences and heavy fines, by throwing bales of hay over the fence: they can’t bear to see the emaciated horses dying before their eyes.

We believe that if Oostvaardersplassen park must mimic nature, then all variables should be provided: predators and the possibility to migrate in search of food. Seeing as this isn’t possible, the animals present should be treated ethically and either culled or be fed. Not allowed to die of starvation!


Petition: American Express, Stop Supporting Animal Cruelty. End Your Partnership With SeaWorld.

by: Care2 Team
recipient: American Express

52,072 SUPPORTERS – 55,000 GOAL

The dolphins and killer whales of SeaWorld have made the company billions of dollars. But despite their importance to the to the company’s bottom line, the treatment these animals receive is far from VIP.

SeaWorld’s captive cetaceans live an unhappy and dangerous life. Whales have been seen ripping the skin off of one another, biting each other and even demonstrating signs of severe stress.

And under their management, the company has seen the death of nearly 50 orcas, including the famous Tilikum who died in 2017. Tilikum was the focus of the documentary “Blackfish,” a film that chronicled his life, brought attention to his involvement in the deaths of three individuals and shined a spotlight on the consequences of keeping orcas in captivity.

Since Blackfish first debuted in 2013, SeaWorld has garnered massive public ridicule for the treatment of their whales but have yet to change.

Now one major company has taken a stand. When Thomas Cook — one of Europe’s largest holiday package providers — asked their customers what they cared about, their response was loud and clear: animal welfare. Over 90% of their customer base told them they cared about the treatment of animals. So they took action by announcing they will no longer sell tickets to SeaWorld in the United States and Loro Parque in Spain since they continue to “keep orcas in captivity.”

The announcement hammers one more nail in the coffin of the industry that subjects killer whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals to inhumane treatment and forces them to perform unnatural tricks.

But it’s not enough. We need more companies who facilitate SeaWorld’s business model to stop helping them make money off animal cruelty. Affecting their bottom line is the only way SeaWorld will change its practices and stop holding marine mammals in captivity.

That’s why Care2 is going big by asking American Express, the “official card of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment,” to break their partnership with the park and to stop processing their payments altogether. Please join the fight for animal rights by signing our petition.


Petition: Leave the Pyrenees Bears Alone!

by: Margherita B
recipient: Shepherds in Pyrenees

20,251 SUPPORTERS – 25,000 GOAL

Goiat is a brown bear who was brought to the Pyrenees in 2016 from Slovenia to help the local population grow and thrive. However, this particular bear has developed a taste for livestock and has attacked and eaten a large number of sheep, goats and horses in the last two years.

Now, livestock owners are demanding that he be removed…or worse.

This is ridiculous! Goiat was forcefully removed from his own territory and dumped in a new one, which must have been extremely traumatising. He is living in his own environment and is no danger to humans – what should happen is that the responsible owners of livestock should learn to protect their animals more efficiently with dogs, strong fences and 24 hour surveillance.

Goiat has gone through enough. Let him stay!


Petition: Baystate Medical Center, Stop Using Animals for Medical Trainings

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Baystate Medical Center

21,826 SUPPORTERS – 25,000 GOAL
You wouldn’t want a doctor who had been trained using the antiquated methods of the past, would you? Well then, you may want to avoid the medical professionals participating in the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) program at Baystate Medical Center in Massachusetts.

They are one of only two ATLS training centers in the whole of Canada and the United States that still use animals like pigs to simulate human trauma. The trend has been going out of style for decades, but Baystate has yet to get with the times. They refuse to use more modern methods that are as good or even better than the archaic ways that involved hurting innocent animals.

For one thing, pigs and human bodies are not the same, meaning using a pig for the ATLS program doesn’t equip our medical professionals with the best tools available. In 2001, the American College of Surgeons gave the green light to a new technology that would replace the need to use animals — “an anatomical human body simulator, which features lifelike skin, subcutaneous fat, and muscle” known as the TraumaMan System. TraumaMan is so lifelike and realistic that most centers that offer ATLS programs have opted to use them or similar systems.

Most, but not all. Instead of leading the pack, Baystate seems to be content with lagging behind almost every other center when it comes to using modern cruelty-free tools to teach their students. They seem to disregard the fact that 99 percent of 300 centers surveyed within the U.S. and Canada have found that they don’t need to use animals for trainings.

Please sign the petition and tell Baystate to join the 21st century. Ask them to stop using animals in their ATLS program.

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Petition: Cancel the Pig Racing at the Cheese & Chilli Festival, Winchester, United Kingdom

by: Pigs Don’t Race
recipient: Cheese and Chilli Festival, Winchester, United Kingdom

2,616 SUPPORTERS in United Kingdom
35,821 SUPPORTERS – 40,000 GOAL

Racing animals is cruel and exploitative. The festival plan to race pigs at their event on 18th August 2018 when temperatures are expected to be high. Racing is not natural behaviour for pigs and noisy crowds of people will be frightening for them. A race is not a suitable environment for the pigs, does not allow them to exhibit normal behaviour patterns and does not protect them from pain and suffering.

The festival has lots of things happening and dropping the pig race and replacing it with something with willing participants would take nothing away from it.

Sign now to appeal to Winchester Cheese and Chilli Festival to take the compassionate step and not force pigs to race at their event.

Photo credit: Flickr, Brent Moore


Petition: Justice For Nala, The Sweet Dog Abandoned in The Utah Desert

by: Grace H.
recipient: Utah Authorities

100,000 GOAL

Nala is a sweet, loving dog. But when I met her, she was near death by the side of the road in rural Utah. She had been rehomed and her new owners abandoned her in the desert. She had been hit by a car and was barely holding on when my boyfriend and I found her. She had been wandering alone in the desert for five weeks, trying to make her way home.

Sign on the demand Utah authorities charge the man responsible for this cruelty!

Nala’s family had had to make the difficult choice to rehome her after she was unable to get along with their oldest daughter’s new therapy dog. Nala’s mom, Brandi, carefully vetted the people who would be taking her and thought for sure their sweet dog would be cared for. Nala was passed around and ended up being given to Clinton Jorgenson who told Brandi he had euthanized Nala. Brandi and her children, Nala’s real family, were devastated and heartbroken!

{You can follow Nala’s story on FB

And because the extensive vet bills are falling on Nala’s family, they could really use some help. Nala has needed multiple surgeries to repair her jaw and leg. Visit their page if you can – anything helps!}

5 weeks later, my boyfriend and I found Nala on the side of the highway in rural Utah, mere inches from traffic. Clinton Jorgenson had dumped Nala in the desert to starve to death and die. She was starving, dehydrated, sprayed by a skunk, and covered in cactus spines. Nala’s gums were torn down to the bone and she had a severely broken leg.

We rushed Nala to the Animal Hospital in Price, Utah and through facebook they were able to locate Brandi and her family. Nala had traveled over 40 miles in 5 weeks trying to make her way home. Nala is now happy and safe with her real family who will never give her up again.

Carbon County says there is not enough evidence to charge Clinton Jorgenson for dumping Nala in the desert. Please sign to petition Clinton Jorgenson be charged with abandoning sweet Nala.

Update #15 days ago
I have just learned a horrible new detail about Nala’s story! Apparently, the couple who abandoned her actually took her and two other dogs to the desert to shoot them. They missed Nala and Nala ran away, beginning her 5 week journey alone in the desert. The father of the female in the couple is willing to testify against her, he has even seen her beating Nala – we must keep demanding local authorities press charges against this couple!


Petition: These Thugs Beat a Cat to Death With a Baseball Bat and Sent the Owner a Video of the Whole Thing

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Thames Valley Police

97,276 SUPPORTERS – 100,000 GOAL

When 45-year-old Anna from Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, started putting posters of her missing cat Kiki around town, she thought that some kind soul would find her and give her a call.

Instead, she received a Snapchat. The video started off promising enough, a close-up of one of her posters of her missing Kiki, but then everything went terribly wrong.

The poster was pulled away from the lens and there, in plain sight, she could see a group of disgusting thugs beating her cat to death with a baseball bat.

Imagine receiving a video like this? Imagine how much pain and sorrow Anna must have felt and to know that her cat had suffered so much at the hands of these cruel people.

Despite the fact that both Kiki and the brutalized cat are both long haired black cats, Anna, says she can’t be sure that the cat in the video is her beloved kitten. What she — and all of use — are sure about is that these sick people should be caught, charged, convicted and thrown in jail.

There is no excuse for this type of treatment and people who enjoy abusing animals also pose a danger to humans.

Tell Thames Valley Police that these men must be caught. Sign and tell them that you support their search for the cat killers.

Photo Credit: Gilles Douaire


Petition: Irresponsible Touch Tanks Have Led to Dozens of Unnecessary Fish Deaths. Ask the San Antonio Aquarium to Close Theirs.

by: Care2 Team
recipient: San Antonia Aquarium

40,000 GOAL
Over the weekend, three brazen fish thieves walked into the San Antonio Aquarium in San Antonio, Texas and walked out with a 16-inch horn shark.

The idiots have since been caught, and the fish has been returned to the aquarium but the fact that they were able to easily grab and then escape with a living breathing animal from an animal park is a whole other matter.

The three thieves snatched the shark from a “touch pool” — an uncovered fish tank usually at waist level where children and other aquarium visitors can touch and fondle the marine life. Touch pools are usually harmless species like bat rays, octopus, small sharks and sea cucumbers, but that doesn’t mean that the touch pools don’t harm. In fact, it’s often the fish that run the risk of being injured.

Touch pools — or touch tanks as they are often called —are stressful for animals that would much rather steer clear of human contact. Aquarium-goers, especially children, are often rowdy and can cause the fish unnecessary stress. These animals require special conditions that do not include poking and prodding them.

These tanks can often be death traps. In fact, according to recent statistics, dozens of animals have died in touch tanks in recent years. In 2008, 40 stingrays died at the Calgary Zoo shortly after the exhibition opened, 18 rays died in 2007 at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in California, and over 50 died at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois in 2015.

Is giving children the opportunity to get up close and personal with marine life worth the senseless deaths of these animals? Do we need to touch these fish to be able to value and appreciate them? The answer to both questions is of course no. If that is the case, then these tanks should be closed for the sake of the animals the aquariums claim to love.

Please sign the petition and let’s ask the San Antonio aquarium to allow their visitors a chance to learn about marine life in a way that doesn’t put their animals at risk. Join us and ask them to close the touch pool.


Petition: Justice for Kaos the Dog – Murdered After Saving Human Lives in Italy!

recipient: Italian police

50,526 SUPPORTERS – 55,000 GOAL

Kaos the german shepherd was the definition of a hero dog. He saved human lives in an earthquake in Italy in 2016 and recently had even found a missing person! That’s why it’s extra horrible that he was brutally poisoned to death at his own house!

Sign the petition to demand justice for Kaos!

Kaos and his owner Fabiano were some of the first on the scene in an Italian earthquake that ended up killing 230 people. Kaos worked for weeks to find and rescue as many people as possible.

Then, in late July, someone poisoned and murdered the incredible animal. “I have no words,” his owner Ettore said. “I can’t understand such a horrible act.”

Can you imagine waking up to find your family member poisoned and dead in the backyard? Kaos was more than a working dog, he was part of Fabiano’s family and no family deserves to go through this.

We must insist Italian authorities find and prosecute Kaos’ murderer immediately!

Photo from the Facebook of Kaos’ owner, Fabiano Ettore


North Carolina Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in Multi-State Dog Fighting Prosecution | OPA
North Carolina Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in Multi-State Dog Fighting Prosecution | OPA

A North Carolina man was sentenced yesterday to one year and one day in prison to be followed by three years of supervised release for his role in dog fighting activities, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey H. Wood of the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, U.S. Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin for the Middle District of North Carolina and Special Agent in Charge Bethanne M. Dinkins for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General.

On Jan. 12, Brexton Redell Lloyd, 54, of Eagle Springs, North Carolina, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy and two felony counts of possession and training a dog intended for use in an animal fighting venture, contrary to the animal fighting provisions of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

According to documents filed with the court, Lloyd participated with Justin “Jay” Love and others in a multi-state dog fighting conspiracy. These documents describe Lloyd and Love’s attempt to set up a dog fight between Lloyd and an unknown opponent in October 2015 and Lloyd’s breeding and training activities. Court documents further note that last year, federal agents seized 13 pitbull-type dogs from Lloyd’s residence. Ten of the dogs were secured outdoors by excessive chains, wearing thick collars, and positioned so that each dog was out of reach of any other dog. The other dogs were housed individually in pens. The water in the dogs’ bowls was frozen. Two of the four adult dogs seized exhibited scars consistent with dog fighting, and a third adult dog had four fractured teeth. In addition to the dogs, agents seized items related to training dogs for dog fighting purposes, including: a spring pole, a dog harness, and a hanging scale. Agents also seized veterinary supplies, including intravenous fluids, intravenous administration sets stated for “Veterinary Use Only,” injectable and other antibiotics, a 100-count package of syringes, blood-clotting medications such as Blood Stop Powder, and a skin stapler.

“Animal cruelty like the conduct in this case has no place in a civilized society,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Wood. “Yesterday’s sentencing sends a strong message that we are bringing to justice those who engage in illegal dog fighting and that anyone who engages in this conduct does so at the risk of significant jail time.”

“Dog fighting isn’t entertainment, it’s organized crime, and it has no place in our society,” said United States Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin for the Middle District of North Carolina. Martin added, “I thank our law enforcement partners at the Department of Agriculture, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office, and the N.C. State Highway Patrol for their exceptional coordination in bringing this defendant to justice.”

“The provisions of the Animal Welfare Act were designed to protect animals from being used in illegal fighting ventures, which often entail other forms of criminal activity involving drugs, firearms and gambling,” said Special Agent in Charge Dinkins for USDA OIG. “Together with the Department of Justice, animal fighting is an investigative priority for USDA OIG, and we will work with our law enforcement partners to investigate and assist in the criminal prosecution of those who participate in animal fighting ventures.”

This case is part of Operation Grand Champion, a coordinated effort across numerous federal judicial districts to combat organized dog fighting. The phrase “Grand Champion” is used by dog fighters to refer to a dog with more than five dog fighting “victories.” To date, over one hundred dogs have been rescued as part of Operation Grand Champion, and either surrendered or forfeited to the government. The Humane Society of the United States assisted with the care of the dogs seized by federal law enforcement.

This case was investigated by USDA OIG and FBI, with assistance from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office and the North Carolina Highway Patrol, and was prosecuted by Trial Attorney Erica H. Pencak of the Justice Department’s Environmental Crimes Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney JoAnna G. McFadden of the Middle District of North Carolina.