Petition: Two Cats Were Thrown From 13-Floor Building!

by: Care2 Team
target: Birmingham Authorities

Two innocent cats were thrown to their death off a 13-floor building in Birmingham. The poor cats were found early in the morning.

Sign the petition to demand authorities figure out who did this and charged them with animal cruelty!

These cats were not microchipped or collared, so there is not way to figure out who owned them that way. But authorities could absolutely figure out who was in the building at the time and if anyone in the building owned them.

We can only hope that the cats died immediately upon impact, but we really can’t be sure. It’s possible they laid there for minutes or hours suffering in pain before finally dying.

Whoever did this must be brought to justice. Not only is it horrible to murder a living being in this cruel way, but it also points to violent tendancies in that person. Many people who abused animals then go on to abuse humans as well. So finding the offendor here is absolutely crucial.

Sign on to demand answers for the murder of these two cats!

*Photo from RSPCA, released in an effort to catch the perpetrator.


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Petition: Nike, Just Do It! Commit to Using 100% Recycled Plastic

by: Care2 Team
target: Nike

Polyester plastic is used in about 50% of Adidas products. And if you consider the number of shoes and clothes the company makes a year that’s a lot of plastic.

But over the past few years, Adidas has stepped up to help our environment. In 2016 they stopped using plastic bags in all their stores. They have experimented with using biodegradable fabric that would disintegrate quickly after use. And recently the sports apparel giant partnered with an environmental group to make special edition shoes wholly made of recycled water bottles.

But now they are going a step further. The company has started to phase out using new plastic in their entire production line by the end of 2018. By 2024, the company hopes to use nothing but 100% recycled polyester in all their products.

Their decision to make the change couldn’t have come sooner. Plastics are wreaking havoc on our environment. Every day tons of the material ends up in landfills, or worse, in our oceans. In fact, according to experts, in the next three decades, there could be more plastic in our seas than fish.

If Adidas can make the switch, so can Nike. The iconic American brand is the largest sportswear producer in the world and has an enormous plastic footprint. In the past, they have used recycled plastics to make uniforms but they have yet to commit to making the “big switch” to using 100% recycled plastic in their entire production and product line like Adidas has just done.

Care2 wants to challenge Nike to follow in Adidas’ footsteps and commit to using only recycled plastics to make their products.


Petition: Australia’s Shark Nets Are Killing Marine Life

by: Care2 Team
target: Malcolm Turnbull PM of Australia

Australia’s shark nets — the dubious contraptions designed to keep sharks from reaching beachgoers — are supposed to keep swimmers safe. But more than anything they kill marine life.

The cruel devices ensnare and often kill thousands of protected species like dolphins, turtles, rays, and whales. Case in point, what happened earlier this week off Australia’s Gold Coast. Rescuers found a young adolescent Humpback completely entangled in a shark net. According to the Huffington Post, “the whale was thrashing and rolling repeatedly in an effort to free itself from the net, which caused the lines to tighten around its tail and pectoral fins.”

The whale was the fourth this year to get entangled in a shark net and if it hadn’t been for rescuers, who risked their lives to free the marine mammal, it likely would have tired and drowned. The story might have a happy ending but not all are lucky enough to be saved. In fact, last year, shark nets in the state of New South Wales (NSW) alone ensnared more than 300 nontarget animals and killing half of them.

Shark nets aren’t even proven to protect the public from attacks. In NSW, for example, 65% of shark bites occur at netted beaches.

Australia’s marine life is already under attack. From the degradation and bleaching of the Great Coral Reef to the warming waters that have threatened the survival of critical species like the green sea turtles. Shark nets only make it harder for our precious marine life to survive.

The worst part is it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other methods to protect swimmers while also protecting marine life. Drone technology and using special buoys that emit sounds that scare sharks are just two of the options.

The Australian government can come up with a plan that protects marine life and humans at the same time. Please sign the petition and ask them to find a less harmful and more effective way to protect beachgoers. It’s time to remove the shark nets.


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Petition: Nine Animals Just Died at Audubon Zoo Proving Once Again That Animals Should Be Free

by: Care2 Team
target: Audubon Zoo

Nine animals died this week after a 3-year-old jaguar named Valerio escaped his enclosure at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. Zoo officials said the killings resulted from territorial disputes among the animals, and that Valerio was just “doing what jaguars do.”

This is exactly why wild animals don’t belong in zoos in the first place. Please sign this petition urging Audubon Zoo to shutter its doors and send their animals to sanctuaries.

According to reports, Valerio’s escape was just an accident and no one person is to blame. But that’s just the problem. Accidents do happen, and when you’re keeping predatory animals in close proximity to prey animals and humans, those accidents can lead to deadly incidents. Luckily, no humans were injured or killed, but multiple alpacas and foxes and one emu are now gone forever.

On top of that, keeping animals in zoos is just bad for animals, plain and simple. Wild animals need ample space to roam, to run, to forage, and to explore. Social animals needs to be out in their natural habitat where they can interact with other animals. They should not be isolated in cramped cages so people can gawk at them.

Staff at Audubon Zoo were deeply saddened by the loss of animals this week. But if they really care about the animals, they should seek to give them a better life.

Please sign this petition, and together let’s urge Audubon Zoo to shut down and send their animals to sanctuaries where they’ll be able to have a better, more natural life.


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Petition: PetSmart Boarding Killed a Beloved Service Dog!

by: Kelsey B.
target: PetSmart

Aspen was a beautiful and beloved 4-year-old service dog to famous YouTuber Corey Dixon. But when Corey left her at a PetSmart boarding facility for a week, he had no idea it would mean the end of her life. Dixon picked her up at the end of the week and she was extremely sick, sitting in a pile of her own vomit. PetSmart had not alerted Corey or had Aspen looked at by a vet, despite her obvious ailment. A few days later, Aspen had to be put to sleep.

Sign the petition to demand that PetSmart takes responsibility for this tragic and senseless death of an amazing service dog.

Aspen was trained to know when Corey’s heart issues acted up and alert people if something went wrong. He said that Aspen had fully saved his life no fewer than three times.

In the one week of Aspen’s boarding at the PetSmart facility, she lost a ton of weight, was throwing up, was shaking and drooling extensively. So why didn’t anyone at the boarding facility have her checked out sooner or contact Dixon? This kind of negligence on the part of people entrusted with lives is truly unbelievable.

Corey has proof that Aspen went into the facility completely healthy. Meaning something must have happened while she was there and PetSmart did nothing to help her. The poor girl was probably suffering for days. Once Corey picked her up, he took her right to the vet. But had she seen a vet sooner, she may still be living a full life with Corey and keeping him safe too.

Sign the petition to demand PetSmart takes responsibility, fires the workers whose negligence cost Aspen her life and instate new policies to ensure no other animals meet the same fate.

Image is from Corey Dixon’s Twitter.

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