Koko The Gorilla Dies; Redrew The Lines Of Animal-Human Communication

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Koko, the gorilla who became an ambassador to the human world through her ability to communicate, has died. She’s seen here at age 4, telling psychologist Francine “Penny” Patterson (left) that she is hungry. In the center is June Monroe, an interpreter for the deaf at St. Luke’s Church, who helped teach Koko.

Bettmann Archive

“The Gorilla Foundation is sad to announce the passing of our beloved Koko,” the research center says, informing the world about the death of a gorilla who fascinated and elated millions of people with her facility for language.

Koko, who was 46, died in her sleep Tuesday morning, the Gorilla Foundation said. At birth, she was named Hanabi-ko — Japanese for “fireworks child,” because she was born at the San Francisco Zoo on the Fourth of July in 1971. She was a western lowland gorilla.

“Her impact has been profound and what…

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Petition: This Zoogoer Caused the Death of a Rare Giraffe! Demand Justice



by: Care2 Team
target: Polícia de Segurança Pública

107,790 SUPPORTERS – 110,000 GOAL

Many people are unaware that the giraffe is in danger. According to a 2016 survey, there are less than 100,000 of the animals in the wild and over the last generation, almost 40% of the species has been lost. Many have called their slow disappearance, the “silent extinction.”

One of the rarer subspecies is the Angolan giraffe which is numbered at around 13,000. Until recently, there were 20 of these endangered giraffes in captivity, now there is one less.

Last week, an inconsiderate and irresponsible zoogoer caused the death of a famous Angolan giraffe when they lured the giraffe into a ditch that separates its enclosure from the public.

Despite there being a sign asking visitors not to feed the animals right next to the enclosure, the zoogoer offered the animal food and it fell into the ditch where it died.

What makes the news even worse, is that the 11-year-old giraffe gave birth late last year, and while her calf is eating on its own, it still was very much dependent on its mother.

Police have identified the visitor in question but as of yet, he has not been charged. That is not acceptable. This person should be held accountable for causing the death of one of these rare and beautiful creatures.

Please sign the petition and ask the Polícia de Segurança Pública, the Portuguese police force, to charge the culprit and make sure justice is served in the name of the giraffe.



Santa Fe Prairie Dogs Need Our Help!

Exposing the Big Game

Santa Fe’s native animals are running out of time, due to massive development projects, lack of concern for local wild life,  and destruction of habitat by a city government which currently cares little or nothing about remaining Nature.  Increasing hot temperatures are also creating hardship for prairie dogs and the other wild animals who co-exist with them on remaining open areas within Santa Fe City/County limits.

Just recently, a small colony was decimated in order for Santa Fe  to have a Chik-fil-a fast food restaurant. There may be a few survivors, but not for long, due to the habitat destruction.
Also, just recently, a lovely 8 acre treed lot  off Rodeo Rd. in Santa Fe was bulldozed, now a barren waste land awaiting construction for apartments–a healthy colony was there, but no more. We do not know if any escaped.Trees, grasses and bushes  were bulldozed along with the wild life…

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Petition: Demand South Korea Enacts Animal Welfare Laws to Ban the Cruel Dog Meat Industry



Petition is Closed…We Won !!!

by: Georgia B
target: Moon Jae-In, President of South Korea

93,419 SUPPORTERS – 95,000 GOAL

In breaking news, the South Korean Government has established Animal Welfare Laws for the first time.

The new laws have been enacted to protect pets that are found in approximately six million homes across the county.

However, the new laws fail to protect the thousands of dogs that are farmed for the cruel dog meat trade, with more than 17,000 dog meat farms across the country.

It’s time for South Korea to extend its protection to the hundreds of thousands of dogs that suffer horrific deaths for the dog meat trade every year.

Please sign and share the petition to Demand South Korea Enacts Animal Welfare Laws to Ban the Cruel Dog Meat Industry!

Read about the new law that passed here.

Killing dogs for meat ruled illegal by South Korean court | World news

Petition: Big Cats Aren’t Pets — So Why Is Owning Them Still Legal?

by: Care2 Team
target: U.S. Congress

77,526 SUPPORTERS – 80,000 GOAL

This May, a tiger paced around his cage in terror at a high school prom. He couldn’t escape the fire dancers juggling torches, students yelling or the sparklers flaring up beside him.

Sign now to demand lawmakers stop other big cats from suffering like him.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal just re-introduced the Big Cat Public Safety Act HR1818. If passed, the bill would close loopholes that allow people to breed and keep tigers, cougars and other big cats as pets, as well as restrict the public’s contact with the animals.

“Thousands of big cats are currently owned as pets or maintained in ill-equipped roadside zoos and menageries, which pose a severe risk to the safety of people in surrounding communities, as well as the welfare of the cats themselves,” says Born Free USA CEO Prashant Khetan. “It’s about time that we had a federal law that can serve to stop this inhumane practice around the country.”

Congress are elected officials and they need to hear from their constituents. Use your voice to push lawmakers to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act HR1818 by signing the petition today.



Petition: Etsy Needs to STOP Letting People Sell Murdered Animals!

by: Sydney W
target: Etsy.com

65,317 SUPPORTERS – 70,000 GOAL

There are multiple sellers on Etsy who sell dead animals like rabbits and guinea pigs! They are listing items such as “rabbit limbs” and “rabbit feet.” There are also listings titled, “Guinea pig taxidermy. Funny shapes. This guy is a doughnut.” where an innocent guinea pig’s body was warped to look like a doughnut.

I have a pet bunny named Edelweiss and I am disgusted that animals just like her are being murdered and sold online!

Sign the petition to ask Etsy to become a cruelty-free marketplace and to not allow sellers to list items that involved killing innocent animals!



Petition: Someone Chopped Off This Puppy’s Feet and Tail, But Turkish Law Might Not Be Enough to Punish the Abuser

by: Care2 Team
target: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

30,914 SUPPORTERS – 35,000 GOAL
Few cases of animal cruelty are so disturbing that they have provoked real action from powerful politicians. Even fewer have made the president of an entire nation stand up and say, enough is enough.

That is just what happened in Turkey earlier this month. A group of walkers was roaming around a forest near Sakarya, Turkey when they came upon a shocking sight. There, hidden under the undergrowth was a bloodied and dying one-month-old puppy.

Someone had chopped off its legs and tail and left it there to die.

The rescuers rushed it to a local veterinarian hospital where it fought for two long days before it finally succumbed to its appalling injuries.

Video and images of the mutilated puppy enraged the entire country. So much so that the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, personally announced the arrest of the suspected animal abuser at a political rally. But that is just the beginning.

The president along with politicians from various opposing parties spoke up to call for new and stronger protections to prevent violence against stray animals like street dogs and cats. President Erdogan said he would work to do just that after the election on June 24th.

The new proposed law would regulate how stray animals are treated by the public and create stricter penalties for those who abused them.

This tragic story could have a positive ending if Turkey really does follow through with their new anti-animal abuse law, it could protect thousands of homeless animals from violence and cruelty. But often promises like the ones made by Turkish politicians get lost or set aside due to “higher” priorities. If we really want to see a better world for Turkey’s stray animals we must continue to show our support and create pressure for their politicians to make this important change.

Please sign the petition and tell President Erdogan you support the new proposed stray animal protection law. Together we can make it happen.



Petition: Find and Punish the Individuals Caught on Camera Throwing Rocks at Seals.


by: Care2 Team
target: Northumbria Police

13,076 SUPPORTERS – 14,000 GOAL
Grey seals are cute, but they are also wild animals and they deserve our respect. But at the moment they aren’t getting it. The grey seal colony of St. Mary’s Island near Whitley Bay are being harassed by tourists wanting to get a closer look — or worse.

Earlier this month, visitors to the St Mary’s Island Nature Reserve caught a group of heartless individuals taunting a young seal perched on the high rocks of the reserve. As the thugs get closer they begin to throw rocks at it. Finally the seal is so scared that it resorts to throwing itself off the edge and into the water below.

But they don’t stop there, the jerks continue to harass more wildlife as they go on their nature reserve rampage.

Last year, a similar instance took place at the same park. Park goers filmed several seals throwing themselves off the cliffs from heights of up to 16 feet to escape tourists who wanted to get closer to the marine mammals.

Despite several warnings, some visitors to the park refuse to treat the seals like wild animals rather than play toys. This needs to stop. Luckily, the thugs harassing the seals this year were caught on tape. Authorities should have all the evidence they need to find and prosecute them.

If law enforcement ignores this type of casual cruelty it will only persist. That’s why these animal abusers must be found so that an example can be made and to send a message to other would-be abusers.

Please sign the petition and ask Northumbria Police to find the people responsible and punish them for their despicable behavior.


Photo credit: Henry Burrows / Flickr


Petition: These Men Poured Molten Tar on a Sleeping Dog and Paved Over It




by: Care2 Team
target: Agra Police

84,380 SUPPORTERS – 85,000 GOAL
In what is probably the most disgusting display of animal cruelty you will read all day comes a story that might make you lose faith in humanity.

People awoke to a horrific sight in the northern town of Agra, in the Uttar Pradesh province of India. The night before, construction workers were paving a road when they came upon a bit of a roadblock — a sleepy dog that didn’t want to be disturbed. Instead of shooing it away, or coming back to complete the job later, they paved over the tired pup. They poured molten tar over the pooch and then ran it over.

In the list of horrible ways to die, this must be at the top. The dog must have suffered excruciating, persisting pain until it finally expired.

The workers claim they couldn’t see the dog since they were paving at night but according to some locals, the workers heard the dog’s howls of pain but chose to ignore it.

The dog’s body was recovered and given a proper burial, but it still hasn’t gotten justice. As of yet, no one from the construction company, RP Infrastructure Limited, has been charged.

Please sign the petition and demand that Agra’s Sadar police find and prosecute those responsible for this crime.