Health Physicist-Radiation Safety Tech At Michigan State Accused Of Dog Rape “Crime Against Nature”

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Joseph Hattey’s Linkedin job description is “Health Physicist Michigan State University” from January 2016 to Present. He has held the position of “Radiation Safety Technologist” at Michigan State University from April 2014 to Present. Prior to 2014, he worked as a “Laboratory Technologist BSL3” for Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health from April 2002 to April 2014. The university put him on administrative leave due to the charges.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today charged Joseph Hattey, 51, of Holt, with two counts of committing a crime against nature (bestiality)… Hattey, an employee of Michigan State University, is not alleged to have conducted the acts on campus or with an animal owned by the university…. The dog has been removed from harm and is currently in the custody of Ingham County Animal Control. A criminal charge is merely an…

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Consumers will pay up to $17 billion each year for Trump’s nuclear bailout


Trump’s nuclear bailout could cost consumers up to $17 billion each year  The Trump Administration is taking unprecedented steps to bail out failing nuclear and coal power plants, effectively nationalizing the American energy market with potentially drastic consequences for the renewable energy industry and the American consumer. According to an updated report from the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), the Trump Administration’s plan could result in artificially high electricity prices. The planned subsidies for nuclear power plants alone could increase the overall cost of electricity in the U.S. by up to $17 billion each year; the subsidies for coal plants would add even more. This skewing of the American energy market, which has recently seen significant progress made by wind and solar energy, could also result in the decline of renewable energy in the U.S.

“By pushing for a nationwide bailout for nuclear power and coal…

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