Petition:Stop shark finning in Florida! ·

Christopher Richardson started this petition to Florida State House

Recently the Miami Herald published a investigative report on the port of Miami being the largest port of landing of shark fins in the United States. (

Sharks are a apexs predator that are essential to the health of the oceans and indeed are also exceptionally valuable to tourism in Florida. You can learn more about the practice of shark finning and why it is so horrible with a simple google search.

This is unacceptable and must stop.

We the undersigned are divers and tourists who visit Florida to dive and experience the beautiful and exceptional outdoor and underwater experience that Florida offers.

Knowing that Florida is allowing this internationally condemned practice to be conducted legally is forcing us to reconsider visiting Florida as our playground.

We ask you to take a strong stand and pass legislation to stop the trade in shark fins in Florida

8 comments on “Petition:Stop shark finning in Florida! ·

  1. I don’t believe shark finning is legal in the United States, but the importing of shark fins into our state from other countries that allow it is. From what I can tell, we do not allow finning in Florida, and the practice has not been approved for several years. Finning is a travesty but, it’s not happening in Florida unless you have other information otherwise.

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    • The shark Finning Prohibition Act was signed into law by Bill Clinton on December 21,2000, in 2018 the senate committee passed a bill that will eliminate the US trade of threatened endangered and sharks fins illegally or in countries without shark finning laws.
      While the act of shark finning is illegal in US waters, shark fins continue to be bought and sold throughout the United States.
      “But the fins of legally caught sharks in the US can be sold.”


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