Family accuses Delta of trying to cover up dog’s bloody death

By Jackie Salo

The family whose Pomeranian died while traveling with Delta accused the airline of trying to cover up the dog’s bloody death.

Michael Dellegrazie said his pup named Alejandro was found dead last Wednesday in his carrier, along with a bloody blanket during a layover at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, news station WDIV reported.

An attorney for the owner suggested someone tried to wash the dog blanket and carrier to get rid of evidence.

“It was wet,” lawyer Evan Oshan told the Associated Press. “They couldn’t get the blood stains out. There was an attempt to clean it.”

Oshan said that the dog traveled in cargo on the flight headed to Newark, New Jersey, from Phoenix. The dog was alive when the plane landed in Detroit for a layover, according to WDIV.

Nearly two hours later, the dog was discovered dead in his carrier at an airport cargo facility.

“When he landed here in Michigan, he was alive at 6:30 a.m., and then at 8:20, he wasn’t moving and it just doesn’t make any sense to me,” Dellegrazie told the news station, adding that the 8-year-old dog passed a physical before the trip.

A necropsy will be performed on the Pomeranian to determine what caused his death.

Dellagrazie is also demanding answers from the airline.

“We lost a family member,” Dellegrazie said. “That’s exactly what happened, and somebody has to be responsible for it.”

A Delta spokesperson said the airline is “conducting a thorough review” of the incident.

Petition:Stop shark finning in Florida! ·

Christopher Richardson started this petition to Florida State House

Recently the Miami Herald published a investigative report on the port of Miami being the largest port of landing of shark fins in the United States. (

Sharks are a apexs predator that are essential to the health of the oceans and indeed are also exceptionally valuable to tourism in Florida. You can learn more about the practice of shark finning and why it is so horrible with a simple google search.

This is unacceptable and must stop.

We the undersigned are divers and tourists who visit Florida to dive and experience the beautiful and exceptional outdoor and underwater experience that Florida offers.

Knowing that Florida is allowing this internationally condemned practice to be conducted legally is forcing us to reconsider visiting Florida as our playground.

We ask you to take a strong stand and pass legislation to stop the trade in shark fins in Florida

Petition: New Jersey: Ban The Use Of Exotic Animals In The Circus!!, New Jersey

by: Finley B
target: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey

7,253 SUPPORTERS in New Jersey
110,000 GOAL

In 2017 Illinois and New York became the first states in the U.S. to ban circus elephant acts. This means that any circus that still uses elephants can no longer perform anywhere in the entire state of Illinois or New York. Now in 2018 New Jersey is poised to take this even farther and completely ban the use of any exotic animals in circuses, this includes elephants, tigers, lions, and bears.

All animals, especially elephants, suffer terribly in the circus industry. They lead lives of sadness, constant fear, and despair. This bill passed the New Jersey legislature by votes of 66-2-2 in the General Assembly and by 31-0 in the State Senate. Unfortunately outgoing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided to “pocket veto” the bill, which means that he declined to sign it before leaving office.

But now New Jersey has a new governor and therefore renewed hope to end circus suffering! A new revised circus bill will be presented to new governor Phil Murphy for his approval.

Please join me in asking governor Murphy to sign this very important bill into law. The state of New Jersey can lead the way to end circus suffering for all exotic animals in the United States!
Update #13 months ago
Dear supporters! A new and revised version of the anti-circus-cruelty bill is being drafted in the New Jersey legislature. Please continue to share this petition with everyone you know, we need to bring more awareness to the very important issue of circus cruelty! Please continue to email, Tweet, and share this petition on Facebook. To share on Facebook all you have to do is click the big blue button on the right of the petition. Thank you for your help, together we can end circus suffering!


Petition: Alia the Dolphin Died Young in Captivity – Save Her 6 Friends!

by: Care2 Team
target: Dolphinaris Arizona

84,488 SUPPORTERS – 85,000 GOAL
Alia was a 10-year-old bottlenose dolphin living a sad life in captivity at Dolphinaris Arizona when she tragically died. The dolphinarium has not released the cause of death but we know that captivity is horrible for these intelligent, fun animals. Six other dolphins are still there and at risk.

Sign the petition to urge Dolphinaris Arizona to do the right thing and release the remaining six dolphins to a sanctuary where they can live out their days in a happy, natural habitat.

Bottlenose dolphins normally live at least 40 years so it’s not a stretch to imagine some kind of death due to living in captivity. In fact, Alia is the second dolphin to die there in the last year – Bodie was only 7 years old when he died last year. Dolphins are not meant to live as human entertainment.

One huge fear for having dolphins in Arizona is the risk of them contracting a deadly fungal disease called Valley Fever, especially because the stress of living in captivity weakens their immune systems.

According to Care2 writer Alicia Graef, “Dolphins aren’t cute little playthings, performers or ambassadors; they’re highly intelligent, social, far-ranging predators. Sadly they are continuously treated like commodities by the captivity industry, who are taken from the wild, bred in captivity and shipped around with little regard to their wellbeing. Ultimately, they spend their entire lives being deprived of everything that would enable them to truly thrive.”

Sign the petition to help free Alia and Bodie’s six dolphin friends!


Petition: Justice for Frig and Freya, German Shepard Sisters Tortured and Abandoned in the Trash

by: Care2 Team
target: Oakland Police Department

69,924 SUPPORTERS – 70,000 GOAL
A missing foot, a broken and infected jaw, starving nearly to death, abandoned under a pile of trash.

That was how Frig and Freya, two German Shepherd puppy sisters, were found over Memorial Day weekend. Two days later, another puppy was found in the same location, also with a broken jaw.

The monsters who did this must be found before they can torture again. Sign now to urge the Oakland Police Department to do everything they can to find those responsible now!

Frig, whose paw was cut off, and Freya, whose jaw was broken, were treated at an animal hospital for their injuries. They have now been reunited, and all three puppies are under veterinary care.

Police in Oakland are already investigating the case, but they have not identified or located the perpetrators. We need to make sure that police find him for the safety of other animals and the public at large.

Animal abuse is not something to be taken lightly. According to HSUS, numerous studies show a link between animal abuse and violent behavior towards other humans. A 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department showed that 65% of those arrested for animal abuse had been arrested for battery against another person. When examining seven school shootings that took place across the country between 1997 and 2001, another study showed that all involved boys who had previously committed acts of animal cruelty.

Please join in urging the Oakland Police Department to do everything they can to locate the horrific people responsible for hurting these puppies before they hurt again!


Petition: Last Year, Japan Murdered 120 Pregnant Minke Whales. Thousands More Could Be Next.

by: Care2 Team
target: Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe

60,629 SUPPORTERS – 65,000 GOAL
Imagine this, you are out in the ocean, swimming along with your friends and family. The sky is blue, the water is the perfect temperature. Life couldn’t be better. Then all of a sudden a grenade-tipped harpoon plows into your chest.. It explodes. Your friends look on in horror as you are dragged to your death by a whaling ship.

This is what happens hundreds of times a year all thanks to the horrific Japanese whaling industry. The country is one of only a handful of nations that continues to harvest the cetaceans. Officials defend the practice in the name of science. They say the whales are harvested in order to conduct “biological sampling.” However, according to many experts, non-lethal surveys have been shown to be just as fruitful.

Science though is only an excuse, in reality, the 333 minke Antarctic whales that were killed last year likely ended up at the dinner table.

Of the hundreds of whales that were taken in 2017 more than 180 of those were female and of those, nearly 70% were pregnant making the hunt even more tragic.

If the world cannot convince Japan to abandon its whaling program the bloodshed will continue since the country says they intend to kill at least 4000 whales over the next decade.

According to a 2014 ruling by the International Court of Justice, Japan is breaking the law by continuing their Antarctic whaling program. Countries like Australia and animal rights organizations around the world have urged Japan to stop to no avail. But we can’t give up. Each and every one of our signatures let Japan know that we are against this horrible practice. Together, by speaking up, we can send a strong message.

Please sign the petition and urge Japan to end their whaling program and stop this barbaric hunt.

Petition: They Burned Three Puppies Alive

by: Care2 Team
target: Indian Government

64,701 SUPPORTERS – 65,000 GOAL
Eight teenagers in India dragged three puppies into a graveyard by their hind legs, dressed them in brush and sticks and then viciously burned them alive, and it’s all caught on video. As it stands now, the harshest punishment this kind of animal cruelty gets in India is 50 ruppees, the equivalent of hiring a rickshaw to get around town.

Sign the petition to demand harsher punishments for animal cruelty in India!

One poor puppy tries desperately to get away from the burning fire and a boy uses a pole to put it back in where it cries for minutes as it slowly dies. The boys laugh while the three puppies suffer their last few minutes alive.

The young boys committing this crime are all believed to be under 18 and therefore there is still time to get them the help they need. This kind of vile and malicious murder towards innocent beings can only be bred out of serious personal problems. But they will barely get a slap on the wrist for their indecency, let alone the psychological treatment necessary if they are to be prevented from killing again.

Not to mention, studies show that people who abuse and murder animals often go on to abuse and murder humans. It’s crucial that crimes against animals are fully investigated and dealt with from a community standpoint.

The price these boys will pay, if anything at all, is so little that it is absolutely not a deterrent for them or any other would-be abusers. There is a push from animal rights groups in the country to up the punishment for animal cruelty. Activists connect using the hashtag #NoMore50.

Sign the petition and tell India #NoMore50. Let’s ensure animal cruelty is actually taken as the serious heartless crime that it is.


Petition: This Unlicensed Breeder Shoved Pipes Down His Dogs Throats to Damage Their Vocal Chords

by: Care2 Team
target: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office

53,008 SUPPORTERS – 55,000 GOAL

Fifteen dogs— 10 puppies and five adults — are lucky to have been rescued from an abusive breeder.

After a concerned citizen alerted authorities of a possible unlicensed puppy mill, authorities investigated and found that the breeder — who has yet to be named — had cruelly debarked at least three of his dogs. According to rescuers, they believe the breeder shoved a pipe-like object down their throats in order to damage their vocal chords.

There is no medical reason for this abuse whatsoever. The breeder, simply thought his dogs barking was a nuisance.

The inhumane manner in which this person debarked his dog could be a felony but the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office still hasn’t decided what charges the breeder will actually face.

We must encourage the DA to punish this unlicensed breeder to the fullest extent of the law. They have already shown an utter disregard for the law by not being licensed and the grotesque way they treated the dogs in their care is so severe it deserves the maximum punishment.

Make sure the DA knows you want the breeder to face felony charges. Sign the petition and demand justice for the 15 abused dogs.