This woman just saved a family of ducks. The video is pure laugh-out-loud joy.

If you watch a bevy of ducks, you’re probably going to squeal with pleasure, right ?

When Shara Fenell of Memphis noticed a group of them stuck in a drain, she squealed — then she sprang into action.

In an adorable video from WREG, Fenell answered the good Samaritan call when she overhead quacking near the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.

Fenell simply couldn’t let the adorable animals suffer and went out of her style to hop in the drainage, get a little dirty, and save the fluffy family.

Laughing nervously as she climbed down the drain, Fenell managed to gently pull the family of ducks to safety in a smooth 1 minute and 18 seconds, according to a friend in the background.

The video has since run viral, warming hearts around the country.

In addition to providing some much-needed cute vibes, Fenell’s actions are a great example for how…

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2 comments on “This woman just saved a family of ducks. The video is pure laugh-out-loud joy.

    • You never know with ducks they show up in some of the oddest places, we used to have ducks that came every season and live in back of our place, till they built homes nearby that has a man-made pond, now they live there and come to our place to eat, my niece has ducks that started living in front of there house the last 3 seasons… they have a pond in their development. So I wouldn’t be surprised if some ducks saw and heard there ducks in the fountain, and decide to put a nest under some bushes. I hope they put up duck crossing signs, like they do around here. I wish they would make storm drains with either a checkerboard pattern or small holes… They can be dangerous for humans to, if you’re not paying attention and step down.
      Thanks for the link…talk to you soon. 😉

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