Petition · Ted Cruz: Stop the neglect at Garland Animal Shelter ·

Megan Sherman started this petition to Senator Ted Cruz and 9 others

Our goal is to get 10,000 signatures to bring to a Garland city council meeting.

Garland Animal Shelter is known to neglect and abuse animals. The following conditions have been documented, reported, and ignored:

  1. Kennel temperatures reaching over 104 degrees
  2. Animals laying in their blood

  3. Emaciated and underfed dogs

  4. Kennels without water

  5. Dogs without cones after a spay or neuter

  6. Animals laying in urine and feces

  7. Animals with stitches still in (up to 60 days) after spay or neuter

We ask that the city council considers the following:

  1. A new shelter
  • A volunteer coordinator

  • Procedures and policies to hold those (mistreating animals) accountable. Things like: cleaning the cages, handling the animals, feeding twice a day, filling water bowls, post operative care, etc.

  • Please follow ‘Newman’s journey to fix Garland Shelter’ on Facebook for more information on the conditions in which the animals live.

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