Petition: Niño, Tiger Found Unconscious in a Duffle Bag, Belongs in a Sanctuary

Niño, Tiger Found Unconscious in a Duffle Bag, Belongs in a Sanctuary

by: Care2 Team
target: Gladys Porter Zoo

108,148 SUPPORTERS – 110,000 GOAL

Niño the tiger has become the latest victim in the multibillion-dollar illegal animal trade. The two-month-old cub was found on the U.S. side of the Mexican-American border in Brownsville, Texas.

When three smugglers realized that U.S. Border Patrol was on to them, they hightailed it back across the border. But before they did so, they left a black duffle bag for the agents to find. In it was a small unconscious tiger that was very, very lucky to be alive.

Fortunately, the agents found it in time. Niño would surely have died of overheating, hunger or suffocation if he hadn’t been rescued.

Now the young cub is at the Brownsville Gladys Porter Zoo which has previously taken in tigers that were seized by officials in the area. The zoo sent some of the past rescued tigers to a sanctuary, while others remained at the park and still another died.

Care2 is asking that Gladys Porter Zoo consider what is best for Niño and, instead of keeping him at the zoo, it should send him to a sanctuary so he can live his life in relative peace. Please sign the petition and help ensure Niño, a tiger that has already gone through so much, doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Sign the petition telling the zoo that Niño belongs in a sanctuary.

Petition: Stop big game hunting

Big game hunting is the sport of killing animals for fun. People hunt animals in Africa for the thrill or fun but also to keep their heads or take elephant tusks. Is it’s extremely unnecessary and animals are endangered.

Petition: Hundreds of Kittens Have Been Killed for Experiments Funded With Taxpayer Money

Hundreds of Kittens Have Been Killed for Experiments Funded With Taxpayer Money

by: Care2 Team
target: USDA

24,881 SUPPORTERS – 25,000 GOAL

One hundred dead kittens a year.

That’s the price we are paying for a taxpayer-funded experiment that feeds kittens infected meats and then monitors their response. The kittens barely get a chance at life, as the experiment uses cats that are less than three months old.

According to a recent exposé, the majority of the kittens are perfectly healthy, even after being forced to eat spoiled meat. After they are no longer “useful,” lab workers kill them and burn their bodies.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has tried to defend themselves by saying the number of kittens reportedly killed in the tests has been overestimated. But, even if one kitten dies, it is too many. There is something very wrong when the U.S. government is trying to infect poor helpless animals, and then, if by some miracle they survive, they are killed anyway.

The lab conducting the cruel tests is located in Maryland, a state, which just last month, passed the “Beagle Freedom Bill.” The law that requires all labs to work with willing animal rescue organizations to find homes for pets once they are no longer needed. The bill also protects cats.

However, the Beagle Freedom Bill may take time to go into effect and these hundreds of kittens need our help today. That’s why Care2 is calling on the USDA lab in Beltsville, Maryland to immediately stop euthanizing their kittens and instead rehome them.

Please help us find these kittens a new home. Sign the petition and demand the USDA stop killing these kittens.