Petition: Justice for Beau, Cat Shot With an Arrow and Left for Dead!

by: Andrew M
target: Western Australia Police Force

108,051 SUPPORTERS – 110,000 GOAL

Someone with a bow and arrow thought it would be funny to shoot a cat, and it almost cost Beau his life.

Beau was probably on his last of nine lives when rescuers found him on the side of the road in Perth, Australia. The orange tabby cat was found with an arrow lodged in its head. According to rescuers, the arrow could have been stuck in its body for up to two days, causing excruciating pain and getting infected. In fact, by the time he was taken to the vet, the wound was already infested with maggots.

Rescuers say Beau is making a good recovery but he still has a long way to go. But what about the sick individual who did this to him?

The people that commit these types crimes pose a threat not only to our animals and wildlife but also to society itself. People who are prone to commit acts of violence against animals are much more likely to do the same to humans. It is imperative that animal abusers like Beau’s attacker are taken off the streets.

Please sign the petition and let’s ask the Western Australia Police Force to find Beau’s abuser and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

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