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Debbie Pownall started this petition to Mayor of Trikala Dimitris Papastergiou

On the 31st May officials from the department of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development have instructed the Municipality of Trikala to arrive at the gates of the Trikala Dog Shelter and release all 127 of our dogs on to the streets.

The reason? The shelter was created with the prospect of expanding and creating a modern one. However, because of the financial crisis, the funds have never been given or have not been found for this to be built. Despite the shelter running for many years the Ministry have decided the shelter must be closed because a new one has not been built. A vicious circle without meaning. The city, as it claims, has no money to build a modern shelter, and the letter of the law says the existing one must be closed because it is not within current specification.

We need to save these dogs from the abuse of man and an environment unknown to them. Life in this shelter is all they have known. Many are old, many need medication. To put them out on the street would mean certain death to them, one way or another. We can not let this happen.

Please sign our petition to save our dogs from this despicable fate. We can not let this happen. It is a death sentence.

As a community of supporters from all over the world we have kept this shelter going since 2011 with time, love and money. We can’t let these dogs die on the streets when there is somewhere safe for them to be!

Please email the Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou:

Letter to send:

Dear Mayor of Trikala,

We have known the city of Trikala and it’s dog shelter since 2011. We have seen your city evolving, having fun, with no improvements at all for the dog shelter. No infrastructure, just more and more dogs living there. We’ve seen the shelter in mud, we’ve seen it without water many times. Without electricity for many, many years.

We, their supporters from abroad, pay the majority of funds, with much pleasure, to keep this shelter running! Because we just don’t want to see the dogs dying on the streets.

We can see what the situation in Greece is like, due to the economic crisis, but we are watching the Municipality spend money for everything EXCEPT for the animals. It is time to prove that not only are you a smart city, but you are a city with emotions too.

We bring to your attention an extreme situation facing the 127 dogs currently housed at the Trikala Dog Shelter in Raxa.

On the 31st May officials from the Municipality have been instructed by the Ministry to release all 127 of the Trikala Shelter Dogs on to the streets! What exactly will happen on this date, will determine our own view of your city globally.

We have known most of the dogs at the shelter since they were puppies, we have followed their stories and grown to care for them! Many of us adopting them. We already know their is no place in your city that is friendly to dogs. We support the volunteers at Trikala Animal Welfare O Argos to be able to change all that, we know this takes time but we are still here.

Use your influence in order to prevent this releasing of the dogs happening, to prevent the slow death of all the dogs if they are released on the streets. We are very aware what happens to animals out there.

Please help stop this!

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