Petition: FIFA, Don’t Condone Mass Dog Slaughter!

by: Andrew M
target: FIFA

15,356 SUPPORTERS 16,000 GOAL

Earlier this year, news broke that Russia was spending millions of dollars to kill stray dogs before the FIFA World Cup began in June. According to news reports, up to two million dogs would be targeted in the 11 cities that would host the matches.

Now, Morocco is following in Russia’s footsteps by implementing a similar stray dog killing campaign. Animal activists have reported seeing armed men, 30-40 strong, gunning down dogs in the resort city of Tamraght. Officials hope to rid the city of the dogs to improve its likelihood of winning the bid to host the World Cup in 2026.

But should a country that condones mass animal cruelty really be chosen to hold one of the most prestigious international sporting events in the entire world?

La Fédération Internationale de Football Association better known as FIFA is the global governing body of the sport and serves as the administrator of the World Cup. They set rules and regulations for both the sport and the countries that wish to bid to host the game.

Currently, they are turning a blind eye to the cruel lengths some countries will go to in order to win this multibillion-dollar opportunity. Because of this, nations like Russia and Morocco think slaughtering hundreds or even thousands of dogs is an acceptable way of preparing their cities for the games. It’s not.

FIFA must make it clear to all bidding nations that they will not consider any country that condones mass culls in order to better their chances of winning the bid.

No sporting event is worth the massacre of innocent animals. Sign to demand FIFA disqualify any country who implements mass stray animal killings in order to win the rights to host the World Cup.

6 comments on “Petition: FIFA, Don’t Condone Mass Dog Slaughter!

  1. Deripaska paid to help save some of the dogs for the Russian Olympics, but he’s apparently no longer a pet oligarch and being run out of business now by Putin and Trump from what I can see. Brazil started with shooting stray dogs, years ago, and then started shooting stray children.

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      • For the kids was probably the 80s. I’m sure they stopped. But, it shows what you’ve been saying about animal abusers become human abusers or what I call value of life or rather lack of value of life. Remember Putin made fun of Bush’s dog Barney and said it wasn’t a dog. I like Barney better. And Putin tried to intimidate Merkel with his dog.

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  2. This was one of the cases, I guess, in 1993. But, I think there were earlier cases. I recall reading something about under the military government that they shot street kids like stray dogs: “Brazil marks 20 years since Candelaria child massacre
    By Donna Bowater Rio de Janeiro” 24 July 2013

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    • I forgot about him teasing them about their dogs…I was thinking about his love for horses and him stopping the horse slaughter for human consumption… I was hoping he would make improvements in the laws, and get these poor animals in shelters and get them spayed and neutered and find homes for them!!
      Brazil is the disgusting place that has no real animal protection laws and they treat them horrible, so it really doesn’t surprise me they be that rotten to the children… Animal abuse and child abuse go hand-in-hand. What a Wonderful World it could be if the Psychopaths would go extinct!!!

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