Petition · Catherine McKenna: Institute a Canada Wide Mandatory Deposit on Plastic Bottled Water Now! ·

Dallas E started this petition to Catherine McKenna Minister of environment and climate change and 3 others

Our planet is literally swimming in plastic! And it is getting more serious and irreversible every day. Why is there no bottle return deposit charged on water bottles? Why is water different than beer, soda, or any other beverage, when it is sold and consumed exactly the same way?

Water is by far the most bought and consumed beverage on the planet, and something needs to be done. Why does wildlife have to suffer for our wanton laziness, disregard, and neglect for the planet, not to mention insidious greed on the part of corporations, who are responsible for producing it in the first place! We have recycle facilities in place, but, people will not return if they paid nothing to begin with. What is wrong with this picture?

A deposit on water bottles would prevent untold millions of bottles winding up in our precious and irreplaceable oceans, decrease the buildup of recyclable waste in landfills, reduce pollution, and prevent the emission of greenhouse gases when empty bottles are incinerated.

Recycling these empty bottles is an easy way to help protect the environment. Recycled bottles can easily be used to make carpets, clothing, automotive parts and new bottles. Most water bottles are made with a nonrenewable resource called polyethylene terephthalate — PET. When PET bottles are recycled, millions of gallons of petroleum and natural gas originally slated for use in the production of new PET can be saved.

Let’s put our collective minds together and make a difference for the planet, our children, wildlife, and future generations. It is a win, win, win, win. Let’s petition Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, and Scott Pruitt, Executive of United States Environmental Protection Agency to put a mandatory deposit on all bottled water sold everywhere now!

This is a no-brainer to save the planet, thank you for your kind and thoughtful support.

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