Yet Another Article Slams the Ecological Impacts of Trump’s Border Wall

The Jaguar

Trump’s planned extensions to the US-Mexico border wall would be detrimental on multiple fronts, and Americans know it. BorderEncunetro2017_Day2_IMG_1164-1 by Peg Hunter. CC BY-NC 2.0

Writer Stephen Leahy published an article on Motherboard last week titled, “Trump’s Border Wall Would Condemn US Jaguars to Extinction.” With this piece, Leahy joins the long list of authors decrying the environmental impacts of Trump’s disastrous plan.

Leahy briefly goes over the history of jaguar conservation in the United States: starting with their extirpation (local extinction) in the 1900s and continuing with their unexpected return in 1996. He talks about the unwillingness of supposed government ‘conservation’ organizations to help jaguars reestablish themselves in the US, a topic which is covered in more detail in Janay Brun’s Cloak and Jaguar. And of course, Leahy reiterates the fact that Trump’s border wall would slam the door on jaguar recovery.

I have shared…

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