Petition update · Adopted from Pets at Home to be fed to a snake! ·

Apr 14, 2018 — This is Joey. Joey was about 3 months old when he was adopted from Pets at Home last summer. His new owner brought him home and put him in a hamster’s cage next to a vivarium containing a 6ft Burmese python. He had no hay, no water. He wasn’t given a name. He just sat there, waiting to be fed to the owner’s pet snake.

When the time came the owner lifted him out of the cage to put him in the vivarium but Joey bit him out of sheer terror. The owner also got bitten by the snake.

At that point, his girlfriend got cold feet and they decided they couldn’t do it.*

Luckily they contacted Baby Blue Bee Bunnies rescue centre who were able to take the poor terrified rabbit.

Joey was given a name and rehabilitation started. However, due to his traumatic experience, he was very aggressive and it took months to get him to finally relax. Joey was in good hands. The rescue centre gave him the time, the love, the care and the life that he truly deserved.

Joey was adopted and now lives happily with three other bunny friends.

Pets at home claim they have a ‘vigorous system for checking potential pet owners’. Once again they failed. Joey was purchased to become snake food.

Please share Joey’s story and urge Pets at Home STOP selling rabbits!

Rabbits should NOT be sold in pet shops! They should only be adopted from reputable rescue centres who carry out home checks and make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Rabbits need our help. Thank you for giving them a voice. Thank you for supporting this cause.

Isabelle Rineau for the BaBBA Campaign (Ban all Baby Bunny Ads)


Video on YouTube:

*live feeding is illegal in the UK.

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