Petition: We Need a National Law to Get Research Animals Adopted


While no animal should be used as a test subject in medical research, until we succeed at repealing the laws that require drugs to be tested on animals first, the least we can do is ensure that these animals have a happy life outside of the laboratory after the research is complete.

Often times, dogs and cats in these facilities are euthanized rather than rehoused. Fortunately, a handful of states, most recently Maryland, have passed laws requiring researchers to take significant steps to ensure that the healthy animals are adopted by a loving family.

That’s great progress, but what about all of the research animals who don’t live in one of these states? We ought to have a federal law guaranteeing the same concept to all test subjects, which is why we’re calling on the U.S. Congress to make it a reality throughout the country.

Again, this petition in no way condones the cruel practice of animal testing, yet we still urge legislators and researchers alike to extend some compassion and ensure these animals have good homes for the second stage of their lives.

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