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Protect Pets from Cancerous Vaccinations Demand Titer Tests Exemptions & safer options Ban Ion Alarms started this petition to American Association of Veterinary State Boards and 3 others

According to several certified Veterinarians such as Dr. Schultz and others that have studied pet vaccinations there is a high rate of cancer that develops at injection site in dogs and cats. Many Vets believe and have proof that the ingredients and retro-viruses used in the vaccines are causing these cancers and other serious auto-immune disorders and other health issues as well as the same dose amount being injected in pets of all weights & sizes which is especially dangerous to the smaller pets. You can sign up to see the 7 part series and watch episode 3 regarding these dangerous pet vaccines.

Dr. Schultz and other Vets have done studies using titer tests that have shown dogs and cats have rabies antibodies for at least 7 years and believe a sufficient amount of antibodies remain for the life of your pets after one vaccination. Unfortunately most States and Counties require a rabies vaccine every 3 years and some Vets recommend a booster shot every year which is needlessly exposing 100’s of millions of pets to dangerous cancer causing vaccines which can either kill your pets or cause cancer requiring surgery to remove the cancer and sometimes requiring amputation of a leg costing $1000’s of dollars.

Many pet owners that are being required by law in most States and Counties to have their pets vaccinated for rabies and other diseases are opting to have the vaccines injected into the pets tail in case of an adverse reaction which would be less evasive to remove part of the tail if cancer were to develop at injection site. This petition will be sent to several Veternarian Regulatory Boards demanding that safer non-cancerous / weight to dose adjusted options to these dangerous vaccines be studied and manufactured and that titer tests be accepted as an exemption to the mandatory rabies vaccinations to protect pets from being over vaccinated with these dangerous cancer causing vaccines when suffiecient rabies antibodies are present.

For your family and pets safety sake see Ionization alarms that are in most homes will not wake your family up in time to escape safely and unmonitored alarms are a danger to your pets when left locked inside while you are away.

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