Petition · Relocate Mernda Mob of innocent kangaroos BEFORE they die! ·

THE AGILE PROJECT started this petition to Department of Environment Land Water & Planning (DELWP)



Once again, human development has trapped a mob of Macropods in a small and unsustainable area, with limited food supply and without access to water.

Many people look forward to visiting Australia because they want to see a wild and healthy population of Kangaroos. But unfortunately, the Mernda/Doreen Mobs in Melbourne have been abandoned and is stuck on land owned by Woolworths, on the corner of Plenty Road and Bridge Inn Road.

Approx. 60 defenceless Roos are stranded and no longer have access to Plenty Gorge. They are trying to survive amongst the construction but it won’t be long until their population starts to decrease from the horrible conditions.

There is another mob stranded between two schools on the corner of Bassetts Rd and Eminence Bld. On top of this, there is also another mob in need of help at 820 Bridge Inn Road as housing development has denied them access to Plenty Gorge Reserved. Wildlife Carers say their numbers have decreased by 50% in the last 12 months!

Wildlife Carers, Conservationists and Ecologists are actively trying to raise awareness to help these roos but ultimately it is up to State Government’s Environmental Department to step-in, take action and save these animals from the horrific conditions they have been forced to face. Thankfully, a local Wildlife Carer campaigned for a “no kill” policy for these mobs of Kangaroos and Whittlesea Council passed the motion.

RSPCA and DELWP have been notified, as this is now a case of severe animal cruelty.

Relocation is the most viable, ethical and successful option in these situations. Translocating 60 kangaroos is far cheaper than the “do nothing” approach. The kangaroos are being displaced by human development and if nothing is done, they will be killed off in accidents with cars. This is not humane and it is very expensive due to all the car insurance claims. There is also the risk of people getting hurt in car accidents with wildlife.

DELWP’s rules regarding translocation:

“Translocation of wildlife requires approval under the Wildlife Act 1975. In assessing translocation proposals, DELWP will consider the likely impact on the welfare of individual animals and the population an individual came from and is added to, and whether these impacts can be managed”.

Humans created this problem, but we ARE the solution! These Kangaroos need to be relocated to a safe and secure location, away from human development and motorists. The Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) have the authority to help these animals, through translocation! Please show your support by signing this petition and being the voice for these poor, innocent and defenceless animals. Your signature can help give them a second chance at a fulfilling life.

You can also send a personal email to the Environmental Minister that’s responsible for this area: lily.d’ and be sure to cc-in who is the current electorate.

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