Petition : Tribute to Naya
Petition : Tribute to Naya

A letter to French citizens

Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 8PM: While my cat was out, wandering around Bourges’s ramparts next to our house, a woman let her German shepherds run after my poor cat


A witness attended to the scene and tried to stop this person, but the latter never reacted, she was just looking at this barbaric scene.

When the witness, chocked, called the police, the woman whistled for her dogs to come back to her and then she ran away. The 10-months-old cat was lying on the floor, dying. She had a gouged eye, her hindquarters were paralyzed, and she was suffering from hyperthermia.

By the time the witness went to get his car to save the animal, a young couple saw my cat and called me with the phone number I left on my cat’s collar.We immediately run to the veterinary emergency. The verdict sounded pessimistic.

Naya spent two days between life and death in the veterinary clinic. They gave her morphine and analgesics but unfortunately, she was in critical condition.

We decided to euthanize her on Thursday evening, March 22.

We felt a lot of pain and we were chocked by such cruelty. The city’s surveillance cameras filmed the scene. The images are showing the woman with her two dogs, voluntary attacking my cat. She is apparently known by the neighborhood, which has also been victim of similar acts on her part.

I obviously filed a complaint against her criminal acts, called animal protection organizations, and the witnesses wrote down everything they saw.

Please help up pay a tribute to our cat Naya who did not ask for what she got.

We have to find this woman for this kind of situation not to happen ever again. Thank you!

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