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By Care2 –
March 27, 2018

While the law might state that animals are property, most animal lovers strongly disagree. No one would judge you for throwing away an old toy because you didn’t want it anymore, but most people would call their local animal protection agency if you tried to do the same thing to a pet.
But that is just what the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada did last month. Kali, a grey wolf, was one of the most beloved animals in the zoo. So much, in fact, that last year the zoo used her in a campaign to promote an online survey to determine Canada’s greatest animal. After more than 10,000 people voted, Kali was declared the winner.
But even her beloved status couldn’t save her. Last month, the zoo put her down, simply because they wanted to make room for other, younger wolves.
Although Kali was a senior wolf, she was still very much alive and enjoying life. But because the zoo wanted to make more money with younger “cuter” pups, Kali had to go.
Zoos should not prioritize young animals just because they bring in more zoo-goers and they definitely shouldn’t put down a perfectly healthy animal.
If zoo officials wanted to make room for newer wolves, they should have given Kali to a sanctuary, where she could have lived the rest of her life in relative peace.
Don’t Support Captivity.
Please sign this Care2 petition urging Calgary officials to shut down the zoo!

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5 comments on “Sign Petition Demanding Closure Of Calgary Zoo Before Another Senior Wolf Is Killed To Make Room For Younger Ones – World Animal News

    • That would have been very hard on her, living in a zoo all her life and then needing to hunt for food by herself,until a pack would have accepted her. But there is no reason they could not have sent her to a sanctuary.


  1. This is scary:
    France has really became dangerous to free speech in the last decade or two. It’s illegal to insult police and they take advantage and fine people to make money. Since the law changed police started beating up demonstrators again. The US is going down the dangerous slope with “hate crimes”. Now the UK has added “hate events” where someone thinks that someone did an undefined something – like look at them funny or cross the street or change seats at a restaurant, the possibilities are endless and it can be defined as a “hate event” if it is an immigrant. It’s really on the UK Met web site. Some people have a chip on their shoulder and read everything anyone does as about race or other protected group and some (especially immigrants) work the system to take advantage of these things too. In Germany you can’t insult an immigrant, though I think you aren’t really allowed to insult anyone. But, the police aren’t always so inclined to enforce in Germany.

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