Wisconsin’s War on Wildlife 011: Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Wisconsin Hunter

Wolf Patrol

Hunting with hounds in Wisconsin is a year-round sport for many of the hunters Wolf Patrol has featured this month, and not only for coyotes. While it is common and legal to hunt black bear, bobcat, coyotes, foxes, raccoons and rabbits with multiple dogs, some Wisconsin hunters approach the sport a different way, a very illegal way, using bull terriers and Patterdale’s to not just pursue wildlife, but capture and kill it as well.

We feature the videos and photos of two such hounders, Jason Armbruster of Amery, Wisconsin and Steve Ritter of Rockford, Illinois. In Illinois, it is legal for hunting dogs to “dispatch” or kill legal prey like raccoons and opossums. In Wisconsin, it is not legal for dogs to kill their prey. Armbruster is a Wisconsin resident who was reported to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) after he posted photos on his Facebook page of three…

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