Redbarn Expands Recall to Include Multiple Brands of Dog Chews

Complete details of the March 2018 Redbarn Pet Products expanded dog chews recall as reported by the editors of the Dog Food Advisor

Source: Redbarn Expands Recall to Include Multiple Brands of Dog Chews

Petition: Utah Has Banned Cities From Cutting Down on Plastic Bags!

Not only did SLC strike down a measured to charge for plastic bags, they decided to ban the whole state from doing things to cut down on plastic waste. Charging for plastic bags or banning them all together is an amazing things cities can do to ease their environmental impact, we can’t let Utah block that effort statewide.

Petition: Justice for Ricky, Poodle Found With Rubber Band Tied Around Snout!

A one year old poodle, named “Ricky” by doctors, is recovering after he was found horribly abused, with a rubber band tying his snout closed. Ricky was literally starving and had apparently been left on his own with his mouth muzzle for weeks. The rubber band had penetrated Ricky’s tissue leaving a severely infected wound with bone exposed.

Petition: Don’t Promote Animal Cruelty, Kim Kardashian!

This week, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of a live snake on Instagram. It wasn’t just any saying, though. The snakeskin was covered with the classic Louis Vuitton monogram and captioned “Little Louis.”

After much public outrage, People magazine confirmed that the image was photoshopped and the snake’s skin and not actually been altered but that doesn’t make it okay.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have an extraordinary influence. My posting this image weather out proper context, she sent a very dangerous message to her followers. It’s not hard to imagine an impressionable fan tattooing a snake with Louis Vuitton Monograms after seeing Kim’s photo.

Kim Kardashian should make a statement to her followers clarifying that the snake was not actually physically alter and to donate money to animal cruelty organization.

Petition: This Poor Horse Was Wrapped in Barbed Wire – Charge Energy Transfer Partners with Animal Cruelty

While monitoring the proposed Bayou Bridge route yesterday, we found this beautiful, but trap, relative from horse Nation. From the looks of it workers had cut the barbed wire and knocked over the fence on a easement in Jeff Davis Parish to perform a task. When finished that they just packed up and left, leaving local livestock – like our friend here, to become entangled in ETP’s sloppy and incompetent ways. This is what happens when you bring in so many out-of-state workers. They do not have the connection to our lands, water, or families of as Louisiana workers would. That way ETP can ignore General Good Neighbor practices, such as simply closing the fence behind them.

Petition: Send Endangered Bengal Tiger Cub to a Sanctuary! Care 2

Many animals forced to live in captivity suffer from “zoochosis,”a condition that causes the animals to hurt themselves and behave and other unusual ways, due to the stress of confinement. Tigers often suffer zoochosis because their natural habitats are severely limited and/or altered in captivity. In the wild tigers typically roam across large distances climb trees, run and swim, all with minimum human contact. This is not the case in captivity where animals are golf that all day long for corporate profit.

A sanctuary is a much better choice for tigers. Instead of being driven to madness, this adorable bengal tiger cub could live a happy life in a sanctuary where he will have access to food protection, and Veterinary Care, all without being forced to be on public display.

Sign Petition Urging San Diego Zoo Safari Park Release Rescued Bengal Tiger Cub To A Sanctuary – World Animal News

By Care2 –
March 5, 2018

As previously reported by WAN, 18-year-old Luis Eudoro Valencia was recently sentenced to six months in prison for attempting to smuggle an endangered Bengal tiger cub from Mexico into the U.S. last year.
Animal advocates agree that the sentence is not nearly long enough.
Worse is the fact that the innocent tiger cub received what may be a life sentence when he was sent to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
Our partner Care2 currently has a petition urging that the cub is transferred to a sanctuary.
It is feared that if the cub is forced to live in captivity, he may suffer from “zoochosis,” a condition that causes animals to hurt themselves and behave in other unusual ways, due to the stress of confinement.
In the wild, tigers typically roam across large distances, climb trees, run and swim, all with minimal human contact. This is not the case in captivity where animals are exploited for corporate profit.
Instead of being driven to madness, this Bengal tiger should be able to live his life in a sanctuary where he will have access to proper care, protection, and veterinary care, all without being forced to be on public display.
Please sign the Care2 petition urging the San Diego Zoo to send this precious cub to a sanctuary.

Petition: Send Endangered Bengal Tiger Cub to a Sanctuary! Care 2

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Beyoncé Encourages More Than 112 Million Instagram Followers To Go Vegan With Her; Hopefully She’ll Also Now Go Fur Free! – World Animal News

By Lauren Lewis –
March 8, 2018

Beyoncé has adopted a vegan lifestyle again and she took to Instagram on Friday to encourage her 112 million followers to join her.
In preparation for her much-anticipated return performance at this year’s Coachella music festival in April, the 22-time Grammy winner shared her training regime by posting a mouth-watering photo of avocado toast with the caption, “44 days until Coachella!! Vegan Time!!”

As if they needed more motivation to accept her vegan challenge, a fierce and fit Beyoncé then posted a sneak-peek of her rehearsing with some of her dancers on both Instagram and Facebook.

The posts also included a link to the meal-planning service 22 Days Nutrition which Beyoncé and Jay-Z co-founded in 2015 along with trainer Marco Borges who authored the book The 22-Day Revolution.
As per the company’s website which claims to have “the best vegan-diet meal plans for weight loss and clean eating,” the powerful duo “inspired many around the world to unleash the life-changing health benefits of a plant-based diet.”
The website also includes some of the many benefits of following a plant-based diet that are good for one’s health and the planet. Although the most important reason why we have gone vegan is for the animals.
“We know that we need to eat more veggies, but the fact is that most North American diets are distinctly lacking many nutrients that can be easily found in a plant-based diet: fiber, healthy fats, trace minerals and vitamins.,” notes the website which also purports that a lack of vegetables in the diet is also bad for your waistline. “Additionally, plant-based diets are low in bad cholesterol and saturated fats. By cutting out meat and eating more veggies, you can cut your risk of disease, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancers, and diabetes.”
The website also points to some staggering statistics for people to chew on such as “the same amount of animal protein, rather than plant protein, requires up to 17x more land, 26x as much water, and up to 50 times the fossil fuels.”
WAN applauds Beyoncé for supporting a vegan diet and looks forward to a time when she becomes vegan & fur-free every day!

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Breaking News! Surprising Arrest Made In Alleged Case Of Animals Stolen From Florida Wildlife Sanctuary – World Animal News

By Lauren Lewis –
March 7, 2018
Josue Santiago is accused of removing dozens of exotic animals and staging a burglary at a wildlife sanctuary. (Miami-Dade Police)
An arrest has been made in the case WAN reported on earlier this week about dozens of animals that were allegedly stolen from a Florida wildlife sanctuary following a post of a false Craigslist ad that stated that the animals were available for free. But the person arrested is not who you may think.
According to various local news outlets including WHDH, the person facing charges for committing a crime turns out to be the owner of the We Care Wildlife Sanctuary himself!
Reportedly, police now believe that Josue Santiago made the fabricated report and lied to authorities. A partner of the sanctuary claimed the stolen animals were worth $53,400.00.

As per the arrest report, Santiago drove seven lemurs, three red-handed tamarins, five marmosets, one cotton top, and one white face capuchin to either North Carolina or South Carolina prior to staging the burglary to look like the animals had been stolen.

Santiago reportedly wanted to hide the animals to avoid wildlife authorities who had been looking into the sanctuary.
“At the time, they were telling me that the FWC was being unreasonable, the animals were well taken care of when that wasn’t really the case,” a woman who wants to be referred to only as Diane who is currently working with investigators and in possession of the relocated animals told WHDH. “It was all planned. It was all a farce. It was all a lie.”

Santiago is charged with filing a false report and providing false information to law enforcement.
Meanwhile, as per WHDH, six exotic birds were mysteriously returned and left outside of the property yesterday morning, but more than a dozen tortoises and birds remain missing.
People with any information about these animals should immediately call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS or 305-471-8477.

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