Petition: Tell Snapchat to Ban Couple Who Ate Adopted Pig!

After being rescued by the SPCA from a hoarding situation along with 56 other Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, three year old Molly was supposed to have a happy life. The SPCA nurse Molly back to health and eventually found her home with a couple. Sadly that’s where Molly’s happy story ends. Less than a month after being adopted, her new owners slaughtered her and cooked her for dinner, documenting the meal on Snapchat. Despite having specifically agree not to eat Molly in their adoption contract, the couple decided to slaughter and eat her when they realize they did not know how to properly care for her. The couple appeared to have no remorse over the situation, sharing photos and videos of themselves seasoning and preparing the meat. Molly was supposed to be their pet, not their food.

Please sign this petition asking Snapchat to ban the couple from the social media platform for this cruel act!

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