Wolf Patrol Launches Video Campaign Exposing Wisconsin’s Wild Animal Abuse

Wolf Patrol

These are the videos Wisconsin’s politicians and trophy hunters are desperately trying to keep Wolf Patrol from sharing with the public. The videos presented here were not filmed by Wolf Patrol, but by the hound hunters themselves and shared on social media. Wolf Patrol will be releasing one such video every day, to illustrate the systematic abuse of wildlife disguised as hunting in Wisconsin.

This is what legalized hunting with dogs looks like in Wisconsin, and if you don’t like it, please share your displeasure by calling the Wisconsin elected officials listed below who are calling for an end to Wolf Patrol’s monitoring of controversial hunting practices in Wisconsin. Let them know you stand with public trust wildlife and disagree with their use of public office to push their pro-trophy hunting agenda.

Senator Tom Tiffany (608) 266-2509

Representative Mary Felzkowski (608) 266-7694

Representative Adam Jarchow (608) 267-2365

Representative Joel Kleefisch…

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4 comments on “Wolf Patrol Launches Video Campaign Exposing Wisconsin’s Wild Animal Abuse

    • I debated about posting that one, but it’s very bloody and listening to that coyote cry makes it very hard to watch, they have been showing a series of this evil hunting practice that the hunters show on their Facebook page.
      It seems that Wisconsin has the most evil hunting practice, they use the hounds (some use pit bulls) and if there dog gets killed they get $2,000 or more funded by taxpayers and they treat their dogs horrible, if they don’t hunt they leave them in the woods to starve to death or killed by wildlife and probably collect the money by saying that a wolf killed their dog.
      If they are running their dogs and you are walking in the woods with your dog, they all attack you and your dog…. These dogs are killing machines and the hunters are bunch of bullies, they think they own the woods and nobody else has rights.

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