Petition · Jeff Bezos: Ban Plastics From Whole Foods Markets in 5 Years ·

Plastic is made from oil. If we ever going to wean ourselves from fossil fuels we must also wean ourselves a plastic packaging. Estimated 12.7 million tons of plastic end up in the  oceans each year, according to Greenpeace.

4 comments on “Petition · Jeff Bezos: Ban Plastics From Whole Foods Markets in 5 Years ·

  1. For awhile now, many plastics are made of castor oil or other plants again. I think that under pressure Coke went to plant based bottles (can’t recall if Coke in Europe or Europe and USA). Many plastics are now biodegradable. Many can be recycled. They have codes to help tell. That being said, they can’t just be thrown out because they clearly constitute a danger until then – as you have importantly pointed out, especially lids and the plastic things which bind cola. And, making and recycling use energy. I can’t help but wonder if this is being pushed by the glass or metal-mining or even the paper industry, however. It is better, for instance, to have castor oil plastic eye glasses than metal ones which involve mining or may have recycled radioactive materials. I used to drive 70 miles a few times a year to get things in glass but glass requires mining, too. Also, glass weighs more and so uses more energy for transport. How is it getting in the oceans? From ships? Rivers? Beaches? Why is Greenpeace USA focusing on this while Greenpeace international does more on anti-nuclear? I think it must be funding. Whole Foods and Wild Oats used to have a lot of things in bulk but I don’t recall people bringing their own containers, as they should. Rather, they used plastic bags. They could use recycled paper cartons, I guess, since most people won’t remember to bring clean containers. Sorry to be long-winded but I think that people need to know that there are different types of plastics now. The petroleum based plastics are a by-product of the oil and gas industry, too, from my understanding. They don’t cause it. I don’t know what they do with the by-product otherwise, but it does cause rashes to the workers. We need to all go back to growing our own food, but it will be harder and harder with them letting in 1 or 2 million more people a year.

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    • Yes everything we use takes a lot energy, from water, to all the other chemicals… I personally prefer glass, I think things taste better “cleaner”…. sometimes I can taste the plastic…. yuck! Plastic gets in the ocean from from so many different avenues, from ones you mentioned, from hurricanes and flooding, not to mention the slobs who toss them to the side… I personally would love to see someone get a $300 fine for littering!
      As always,I appreciate and love all your information! Have a great weekend.☺

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      • PS… Greenpeace USA has their focus on plastic, because the U.S. is responsible for a lot of the plastic problem, and international is nuclear because both are important areas that need to be controlled “cleaned up” in the ocean for marine life.


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