Ban Shock Collars Worldwide!

One Person, One World.

As Scotland now has taken the step to finally ban shock collars just as Wales have already done, it is now time for England, Ireland and rest of the world to follow.

These collars are not needed for dogs or any kind of animal for that matter. Many who approve of them claim to use them for dogs with “behavioral problems” or to remove “unwanted behaviour”. For example a dog thats barks. Zap them and they soon learn to be quiet? A dog that constantly run away from you. Zap it so it learns to accossiate not listening with pain. It does NOT work that way! A dog needs to be trained with patience, awarding good behaviour and positive methods.

With a shock collar you use fear to control your dog. It causes the animal stress and anxiety, and increase the risk of the dog to bite thinks Ilana R…

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