‘Explosive’ FISA memo will be released!

2 comments on “‘Explosive’ FISA memo will be released!

  1. If the FBI hasn’t been legally wiretapping Trump and Trump Tower they haven’t been doing their job. I assume they must be like all law enforcement – have good and bad among them. Trump’s been linked to mobsters for decades and I suspect his father as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump’s father wasn’t a mobster and Trump himself. FBI has been looking at Trump for decades. It took them almost as long to put Louisiana Gov Edwin Edwards in jail even though he bragged about corruption. And, I think longer to get mafia Godfather Carlos Marcello, who was apparently linked to Edwards. Edwards kind of makes me think of Trump in that while saying he’s going to protect the poor fired the DEQ official who reported the unfiltered burning of rad and toxic waste in a poor community (North Baton Rouge). However, supposedly Italian mobsters didn’t kill women and children and Russian mobsters do. Who would and will be brave enough to stop them?

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