Don’t Allow the Slaughter of Wild Horses on Rangelands

Wild horses will soon be slaughtered if U.S. government officials have their way. Sign this petition to urge non-lethal solutions to help ensure America’s mustangs and burros have a chance to roam free for years to come.

Source: Don’t Allow the Slaughter of Wild Horses on Rangelands

Give Fish a Fighting Chance at a Pain-Free Life

Ever browsed a pet store and seen a vibrantly colored living creature wasting away in a tiny cup? Betta fish are exhibited and exploited in this manner every day at consumer outlets countrywide. Join the fight for Siamese fighting fish and say ‘no more’ to torture for profit.

Source: Give Fish a Fighting Chance at a Pain-Free Life

Recognize Animal Rights Worldwide

The world has come together to protect human beings. Now, it must do the same for the animals that share our planet. Our nations can present a unified front in ensuring the health and livelihood of all animals. Add your voice to this dedicated declaration.

Source: Recognize Animal Rights Worldwide

Ban Cruel and Dangerous Elephant Parks

A tour guide in Thailand lost his life when an elephant being harassed by tourists fled in terror, trampling him and throwing two riders from its back. This is just one of many dangers of elephant ride parks, for both humans and elephants alike. Sign this petition to demand a permanent ban on elephant ride parks in Thailand.

Source: Ban Cruel and Dangerous Elephant Parks

Stop Abuse of Working Animals in Ancient Tourist City

Horses, camels, and donkeys are beaten and forced to work without shade or water at a popular tourist destination, according to PETA. The animals are reportedly forced to carry tourists and carts up steep eroding staircases in intense heat. Demand humane treatment for these animals.

Source: Stop Abuse of Working Animals in Ancient Tourist City

Stop Zoo From Killing Healthy Animals

Nine healthy baby lions have been needlessly killed at a zoo in Sweden. Demand that this zoo change its cruel policy of putting animals down simply to save money or resources.

Source: Stop Zoo From Killing Healthy Animals

Shut Down Farm Allegedly Mistreating Chickens

A chicken farm in Florida is allegedly abusing its animals, forcing them to live in squalor and threatening the health of both them and the Americans who depend on the farm for food. Sign the petition to demand that the farm be shut down if these disturbing allegations are found to be true.

Source: Shut Down Farm Allegedly Mistreating Chickens


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Some African, Haitian, and American Comments On Trump “Vulgar” Remarks on Immigration: It’s Diversionary; Educated Africans Needed At Home To Build Their Countries And More

Mining Awareness +

There were some interesting comments by Africans, a Haitian and some Americans on the VOA article entitled: “Trump’s Vulgar Remarks on Immigration Confirmed by Senator” January 12, 2018, VOA News.

One comment warns us that this is a diversion by Trump: ” Why the decent world is alarmed at the jibe of an indecent man is what am alarmed about. He has never hidden his disdain for,especially, Africa right from his campaign days. All Trump is doing now is diversionary. He wants to divert the world’s attention.” (Abimbola Ishola, January 12, 2018)

Another comment points out the now largely forgotten problem of brain drain. Why aren’t educated Africans staying at home to build their countries? Even more, why do we not hear about the problem of brain drain anymore?

The comment points out that those with 12 years of school, the equivalent of US high school…

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