How 2: Coconut Bacon

Bad Vegan

This is one of those things you need in your store cupboard, at hand for when you need it ~ and you can add it to anything and everything ~ and you will.

There really isn’t much you need to say other than “Oh my!”

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Bought Faux Fur accessories from Boots?

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Boots have removed Scunchi hairpins from their stores after it was discovered that the faux fur were instead REAL fur! The customer we can thank for being so observant is Ruby Miranda, who when she touched the realised that there was nothing “faux” about these. Ruby Miranda said “I could tell that the fur was real as it tapers at the end, whereas faux fur tends to have blunt ends.

Boots have said that customer who bought these can return them for a refund. It was not clear what kind of fur it is.

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Petition · Oppose The Anti-Health Bill HR 3117 ·

Congress is currently considering a bill that would prohibit our government from taking the human cost of greenhouse gas emissions into account when making decisions about energy and environmental policy. This anti-health measure is serious, and extremely harmful for all of us.

The Lesser Of The Two Evils; Zimbabwe’s Former First Lady, Grace Mugabe Implicated In International Ivory Poaching Syndicate – World Animal News

January 16, 2018

Photo by Khuluma Afrika
Investigations into illicit and illegal activities led and directed by Zimbabwe’s former first lady, Grace Mugabe have intensified with the government reportedly preparing to make an official announcement soon regarding her involvement in ivory poaching.
Mugabe is the subject of a forensic audit by the ruling Zanu PFs women’s league over “hundreds of millions” as well as intense investigations regarding attribution of assets and cash, involvement in setting up parallel money markets, and the illegal export of precious minerals.
Khuluma Afrika reported that ivory poaching is included as well after preliminary investigations revealed that Mugabe and her associates were involved in the poaching of elephant tusks and rhino horns.
According to the media outlet, documents exist that implicate Mugabe and her associates, including a Chinese associate, are a part of a ring of organized crime which is responsible for the poisoning of hundreds of elephants in Zimbabwe.
Several tusks are also said to have disappeared from the ivory stockpiles, while some ivory was carved at factories in Harare before export permits were forged.
Fortunately, the new government in Zimbabwe has taken a no-nonsense approach to conservation making it a priority.
“We should make a pronouncement very soon,” Special Advisor to the President, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa told Khuluma Afrika. “We are not allowing anyone to get away with the proliferation of our wildlife resources. Any person despite whom they are married to will be arrested.”
Mutsvangwa confirmed that a special task force was working with local and international law enforcement agencies to investigate and bring the criminals implicated in the syndicate to justice.

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