Punish Man Who Allegedly Allowed His Dog to Freeze to Death

A dog allegedly froze to death in subzero temperatures in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dog’s owner reportedly dumped her body into the neighbors’ yard in order to dispose of the evidence. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Source: Punish Man Who Allegedly Allowed His Dog to Freeze to Death

End Ivory Trade in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom faces one major obstacle before declaring a full ban on ivory: exemptions made for antique dealers. Even a single exception to the ivory ban is enabling the continued slaughter of elephants for the sake of a profit. Sign this petition to demand these exemptions be removed and that the ivory ban be supported.

Source: End Ivory Trade in United Kingdom

Ban Slaughter and Consumption of Dogs in Africa’s Evala Dog Eating Festival

Thousands of teenage boys gorge themselves on dog meat each year as part of a festival in Africa. Countless dogs are brutally slaughtered for this purpose, and thousands of people put at risk of rabies. Demand that this practice be banned from the Evala festival.

Source: Ban Slaughter and Consumption of Dogs in Africa’s Evala Dog Eating Festival

Save Threatened Mountain Lion Population

California’s mountain lion population is in danger of extinction due to shooting permits issued to farmers and deaths via crossing the freeway. A bridge has been proposed to aid with the latter, putting an end to isolation and inbreeding among the species. Sign this petition to support this initiative and to demand a full ban on shooting permits.

Source: Save Threatened Mountain Lion Population

Don’t Eliminate Animal Rights Organization’s Authority

The New Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals could soon be stripped of its authority to hold animal abusers accountable. This is merely a selfish attempt to silence those in favor of animal rights. Sign this petition to demand this bill be shut down immediately.

Source: Don’t Eliminate Animal Rights Organization’s Authority

Justice for Cattle Starved to Death

A Missouri dairy farmer has been charged with severe animal neglect and abuse after many of his cattle were reportedly found dead from starvation. According to his neighbors, he was ‘not the type’ to run a dairy farm, yet refused to ask for assistance when he began to struggle, and simply let his animals die. Sign this petition to demand this man face justice.

Source: Justice for Cattle Starved to Death

Punish Home Aide Accused of Fatally Injuring Elderly Man’s Dog

A dog was allegedly kicked so hard in the abdomen by a home health aide that she had to be euthanized. Her owner, an elderly homebound man, is devastated by the loss. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Punish Home Aide Accused of Fatally Injuring Elderly Man’s Dog

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