Petition: End horse-drawn carriage rides in Chicago


Several cities in the United States, horse-drawn carriages are big money. Unfortunately these those big bucks come at a terrible price. Horses are often worked to death providing rides through the parks and in  city streets for tourists who have no idea the animals are suffering. In fact just this year there have been at least 10 deaths, injuries or traffic accident around the world- all involving horse-drawn carriages.

Petition: Sia, Don’t Support MAC Cosmetics – They Test On Animals!

MAC usually tries to be cruelty-free, but if they want to sell in China, they have to test on animals. Companies like MAC and NARS should stand up to the Chinese government by refusing to test on animals, this is the only way to pressure China to end this requirement.

Petition: Punish the man who doused a rat in alcohol and set it on fire.

“Shi” thought the tiny Critter was stealing his food. So for that small crime he caught the rodent, spread it out on a net and forced it to drink a 50% proof rice wine shouting drink up. But as if that wasn’t enough, he took his cruel deeds a step even further. While onlokers laughed in the background, Shi pulls out a lighter and set the animal on fire. These types of “rat revenge” videos have become a recent trend in China.