Jean Hehn-Bradley

Wild Horse Education

12241716_10203393911888621_4232891638556001586_n Hand of Jean

Jean Hehn-Bradley passed away on January 1, 2018. A board member of Wild Horse Education (WHE) for several years she will be missed. Jean loved nature and animals; she saved street dogs overseas, feral cats in her local community and served our wild places and wild things through her support of WHE. Jean is survived by her husband, children and the many lives she touched through her “random acts of kindness.”

Our board remains committed to the multiple missions of this organization and will carry her memory always.

Cathy Ceci of WHE;

Jean was a smart and fierce animal protection warrior; loyal and gracious friend. Her dedication to every creature she encountered was something rarely seen, engaged with her full heart. Her practical and pragmatic ways and sense of humor were a force at board meetings. She was always enthusiastic; to get that job done, preferably today…

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