Dog With 46 lb Tumor Abandoned – Justice for Henry

A woman is accused of abandoning her dog with a 46 lb cancerous tumor. The dog, named Henry, could hardly walk or relieve himself. Demand justice for sweet Henry.

Source: Dog With 46 lb Tumor Abandoned – Justice for Henry

End the Torture of Live Animals for Military Trauma Training

Thousands of live animals are tortured, mutilated, and killed every year in obsolete military training drills. Demand that these animals be protected and a new bill passed to end these brutal practices in favor of more effective military trauma training.

Source: End the Torture of Live Animals for Military Trauma Training

Ban All Puppy and Kitten Mills in Iowa

Over 250 puppy and kitten mills are still in business in Iowa, forcing mother dogs and cats to produce over 100,000 babies per year for the sake of profit. Sign this petition to ban brutal pet mills across the state.

Source: Ban All Puppy and Kitten Mills in Iowa

Justice for Pregnant Dog Abandoned in Parking Lot

A pregnant dog was abandoned in a parking lot by her owner. Video footage showed the man ignoring the dog as he got a coffee and then drove off. Sign this petition and demand this man be prosecuted.

Source: Justice for Pregnant Dog Abandoned in Parking Lot

Dog Found Chained Outside for a Month to Freeze to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was found frozen to death in a doghouse after being left outside for a month, another incident in a string of cases involving animals left in the cold. Demand stronger punishments for neglectful pet owners who leave their animals outside in freezing weather to die.

Source: Dog Found Chained Outside for a Month to Freeze to Death Deserves Justice

Jean Hehn-Bradley

Wild Horse Education

12241716_10203393911888621_4232891638556001586_n Hand of Jean

Jean Hehn-Bradley passed away on January 1, 2018. A board member of Wild Horse Education (WHE) for several years she will be missed. Jean loved nature and animals; she saved street dogs overseas, feral cats in her local community and served our wild places and wild things through her support of WHE. Jean is survived by her husband, children and the many lives she touched through her “random acts of kindness.”

Our board remains committed to the multiple missions of this organization and will carry her memory always.

Cathy Ceci of WHE;

Jean was a smart and fierce animal protection warrior; loyal and gracious friend. Her dedication to every creature she encountered was something rarely seen, engaged with her full heart. Her practical and pragmatic ways and sense of humor were a force at board meetings. She was always enthusiastic; to get that job done, preferably today…

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The End of Wild Horse Protection? (Natural Horse Magazine)

Wild Horse Education

Marie Miliman, public outreach intern at Wild Horse Education, has been featured again in Natural Horse Magazine. The article includes an action item to alert horse owners o call their Congressional Reps on the pending Appropriations bill that could kill tens of thousands of wild horses in the political game that fails to address one single core issue of damage by profit driven interests and simply creates a death sentence as a “scapegoat” mechanism to continue business as usual.

A big thank you to Natural Horse for continuing to educate equine owners nationwide to the plight of our wild horses.


Excerpt: “People think the Act protects wild horses and burros (forever and always), but they have been misled and fail to recognize that the Act really only established jurisdiction and an intention.”

Well, we all know where the road paved with good intentions leads us, and the fate of our…

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