Petition · Miami Dade County: Miami-Dade Animal Services Protocol ·

I propose for protocol to require two different personnel with two different scanners, to scan each animal before euthanasia and stray animal bodies be held at the facility for 24 hours and Miami-Dade Animal Services. On December 14th our beloved family 4 year old dog Milo escaped our yard and got hit by a car, we were unable to find him. At the time Milo did not have his collar, but he was microchipped and up-to-date with our information. Milo was picked up by Animal Service at 6 p.m. and euthanize by 11 p.m.

Petition: Mountain Lions Need a Wildlife Bridge in Los Angeles Now

Mountain lions that live in Los Angeles are in danger of becoming extinct in 50 years, because their isolation leaves them vulnerable to inbreeding which causes health problems and unusual behavior. Trying to leave their territory is very risky since 2002 17 mountain lions have been killed trying to cross the busy freeways in the area.

Petition · Stop all hunt on wolves in Sweden ! ·

Primal Dog Food Recall | December 2017

Primal Dog Food Recall | December 2017
December 21, 2017 — Primal Pet Foods of Fairfield, California, is voluntarily recalling specific lots of 5 of its freeze-dried poultry products because their grind size exceeds the ideal size of ground bone to be fed to dogs and cats.
What’s Recalled?

Affected products include Primal Canine and Feline Freeze-Dried Poultry Formulas.

Click here for a more readable copy of the following list of recalled products.

What to Do?

The company asks that affected products be returned to the Primal retailer from where they were originally purchased for full credit.

Those unable to return the product directly to the retailer are invited to contact Primal Customer Service at 866-566-4652 extension 2 or by email at

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.
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