Petition: Tell Norway to Protect Reindeer From Speeding Trains

In Norway every year, speeding freight trains slam into hundreds of reindeer. They kill them outright or worse, injure them so badly that they must be euthanized. Sometimes it takes hours before this happens. In November 2017 a heartbreaking hundred and ten reindeer died this way but this doesn’t have to keep happening. Please sign this petition urging Norway’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, to find a way to use fencing and modern technology to stop these unnecessary deaths.

Petition: Life in a Cage is Not Organic

United States Department of Agriculture has announced that it wants to withdraw a rule that would have improved Animal Welfare for a organic laying hens. The rule is supported by many small organic farmers, the National Organic Standards Board, Animal Welfare groups, and consumers. Tell the USDA: organic consumers want humane eggs.

Petition: Demand strict laws in Cincinnati for tethered dogs left in bad weather!

Recently there has been talk (in Cincinnati and surrounding areas) about dogs tied or left outside in bad weather. With that being said Cincinnati has no laws to protect them from being tight out in bad weather (cold or hot Temps) that isn’t okay! Currently as long as they have some kind of food and make-shift shelter they can be left in the weather for untold time limits. It’s getting very cold out as the winter sets in. I want to bring together the community against this cruel behavior of leaving dogs tied outside.

Petition: Veterinarian Who Shot Neighbor’s Dog Needs License Revoked

Typically, when we think of veterinarians, we think of people who love animals, or at the very least tolerate them. We don’t think of people who get so frustrated with animals, that they would shoot and kill them for normal animal behavior. Unfortunately that’s what happened when veterinarian Kelly Folse shot and killed her neighbor’s dog for barking too much.

Petition: Wealthy People Are Kicking Birds Out of Trees to Protect Their Cars

Wealthy residents of  an exclusive neighborhood in Bristol have attached anti-bird spikes to trees in an effort to protect their expensive cars from bird droppings. According to reports the spikes have  made the trees completely uninhabitable to  birds. Please sign this petition urging the Bristol city council to take these spikes down immediately.

Petition: Burberry: Stop selling real fur just for fashion and profit! Pledge to Boycott Burberry until they stop selling fur for fashion!

Petition: Stop Drugging and Racing Greyhounds, United States

Innocent dogs are being shot up with cocaine, steroids and other drugs in a sick effort to make them race even faster and to line the pockets of greedy kennel owners. State records revealed 847 drug positives over the past decade, including 71 Greyhound cocaine positive. The most serious spiked in 2017. Drug paraphernalia including syringes and injectable vials, are frequently found in  racing kennels. But instead of clean up their act deplorable kennel operators insist they have done nothing wrong.