Christmas Pudding

Bad Vegan

As a kid my all time favourite pudding was the fruit pudding at Christmas. But now I’ve veganized it, so it will continue to be one of my favs, into the future.

Firstly, I used my mum’s faithful be-ro recipe. The obvious veganizations was a sub for the eggs; I used aquafaba for the 2 eggs. You could sub the vegetable suet if you like, but I didn’t. I’m more a fan of Amaretto than brandy, so that was an obvious sub (alcohol helps to keep the fruit pudding from going off – but if you don’t touch alcohol, then sub in plant milk instead). And I’m not a big fan of candied peal, so I subbed in pine nuts (feel free to put the candied peal back in if you like it).

The other thing that’s different to the traditional is that I cooked the pudding in a slow…

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Yule Fruit Cake

Bad Vegan

My vegan Yule Fruit Cake recipe is lighter in colour and as tasty as any traditions fruit or Christmas cake.

However, because there is no eggs, or dairy (butter) in it, I’ve improvise with two egg replacements to cover the 4 eggs that are traditionally used. I’ve gone for 2x flax eggs and the inclusion of gram flour to help with binding and give it that egginess of traditional fruit cakes.

I’ve also changed up the dried fruit. Mine uses goji berries, cranberries, dates, apple and coconut shavings, as well as the more traditional sultanas and glacé cherries.

I’ve swapped the normal treacle or molasses for brown rice syrup. But I’ve kept to brown sugar because it add a nice nutty flavour to the cake.

Obviously I’ve swapped the butter for vegan spread (or you can use vegan butter) and coconut oil.

If you intend to add marzipan/icing to your…

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Petition: Help End the Shark Slaughter

One hundred million sharks are killed each year. And thanks to president Trump, he just made America complicit in the slaughter. This November at a state dinner to welcome the American president, Vietnam serve Trump shark fin soup.

Petition: Galveston Bay’s dolphins were poisoned – Hold polluters accountable

Valero Energy, ExxonMobil and Arkema -3 companies that released significant amounts of pollution during Harvey, need to take responsibility for their actions and create a dolphin research and Recovery fund.

Petition: Defend Starving Polar Bears – Save the Arctic Refuge

To defend polar bears like the one seen in this tragic viral video, we need to immediately move away from dirty energy sources and embraced a clean energy future. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge would be a huge step in the wrong direction. Tell your members of Congress to protect polar bears in the Arctic and opposed drilling today.


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