Yule Fruit Cake 2 : Royal Aquafaba Icing

Bad Vegan

This the 2nd part of my vegan Yule Fruit Cake.

About a week ago, I applied a glaze of apricot jam to the surface’s of both cakes and applied a thin layer of marzipan. (If you didn’t know, most marzipan is vegan, just check to make sure.) You will need a box of marzipan for each cake (and there should be some left over to decorate parts).

From the circular cake I cut a large circle out of the marzipan and removed it. Gently scraping away the excess jam ~ so that the surface of the cake could be easily seen below. I put it in a cool dry place to allow the marzipan to harden off a little ~ before I ice it.


For the loaf-shaped cake I cut out a gingerbread man at each end (and removed it) and cleaned away excess jam. Then I put the…

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