Petition update ·  Lamby arrived in Austin today where she will be care for by the good folks Austin Pets Alive·


Dec. 20, 2017 — Dear Friends,

Lamby arrived in Austin today, where she will be cared for by the good folks at Austin Pets Alive. Thanks to the efforts of many incredible people, she has another chance at life. This time, a happier one. Anyone who wishes to continue to follow her story can find updates here:–ARAARbj8-62vrPVZt_kW9vSjwUhOZqLoL5PRBUhgQZeGxdSsxk4A9l5EbuX8cHTYiw10nS7oSHRdVQkrq3s4IHnG8mMg_bHfWfYzeCIHFJzPxs5olUdzxIU&enc=AZPRjhoFqWOp9ekHj0L1DESghfQO6uiQYntqPjp6Yuov3slIQnhCuqmc0nq5kmLBIT949x0ph-6JAbxh8LUw6yI-Enpr1lou_6AROaovYhFd4vCpZfYnfl7rppTqh24LWSddB2RGHqamv6BECN4_4JUdx2vxth-Wkrr7sIUttOB4hQ&s=1.

Thank you to Raine Devries and Jessica Brodsky, for standing up for Lamby, and for all the work you put in from the very beginning to save her! Thank you to all the attorneys, and city officials, and concerned citizens who got involved on her behalf. Thank you to Austin Pets Alive for being her safe harbor, and thank you all for your support and your help in saving Lamby!

Wishing you Happy Holidays,

Dee Dee
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Yule Fruit Cake 2 : Royal Aquafaba Icing

The Magick Kitchen

This the 2nd part of my vegan Yule Fruit Cake.

About a week ago, I applied a glaze of apricot jam to the surface’s of both cakes and applied a thin layer of marzipan. (If you didn’t know, most marzipan is vegan, just check to make sure.) You will need a box of marzipan for each cake (and there should be some left over to decorate parts).

From the circular cake I cut a large circle out of the marzipan and removed it. Gently scraping away the excess jam ~ so that the surface of the cake could be easily seen below. I put it in a cool dry place to allow the marzipan to harden off a little ~ before I ice it.


For the loaf-shaped cake I cut out a gingerbread man at each end (and removed it) and cleaned away excess jam. Then I put the…

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Common Food Ingredient is Zapping Your Memory Away Leading to Alzheimer’s

Openhearted Rebellion

By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

One of the world’s most common food ingredients is finally being outed as a big, fat fraud. We hope you are sitting down for this one!

This polyunsaturated oil is touted as healthy by the big food industries, fast food industries, the natural health communities (!), and even our regulatory agencies.

We’re talking about canola oil! One of the worst food creations in modern history if you can even call it a food product. A study came out showing that canola oil was like battery acid to the cardiovascular system – and no one listened. Cooked polyunsaturated oils were recently linked to cancer….nothing but crickets.

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Missing burros found alive but with burns after Custer Park fire

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source:  Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Burros in Custer State Park prior to a late season wildfire that injured a number of them. (Kobee Stalder/Custer State Park via AP)

Nine burros that are a favorite of visitors to South Dakota’s Custer State Park have been burned in a wildfire and it’s not known if all of them will survive, a park official said Saturday.

The park reported Saturday morning that all nine burros had been found — a day after three of them were reported missing and feared dead in the wildfire that has consumed more than 84 square miles (218 square kilometers). But all nine were burned and are being treated by a veterinarian. Some were not injured as badly as others, but their chances of survival and the severity of their injuries might not be known for some time, said park visitor services program manager Kobee Stalder.

“It’s a…

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Petition: No elephant should be skinned for jewelry.

More than two dozen mangled and rotting Asian elephant corpses lay rotting  in a riverbed the Ayeyawady (lrrawaddy) Delta in southwestern Myanmar.   The skin of these highly intelligent and emotional sensitive animals have been flayed from their bones, apparently to sell in Asian markets as gruesome elephant skin jewelry and “medicines” that claim to cure whatever ails you.

Petition update · Breaking: Hundreds gather to block construction at LNG site ·

Stand with the Puyallup Tribe – No LNG Fracked Gas in the Salish Sea!

Puyallup Water Warriors & Redefine Tacoma

Dec 18, 2017 — At 5:30 am this morning, several hundred people gathered outside all three entrances to the construction site for Puget Sound Energy’s fracked gas LNG facility. Several water protectors chained themselves together at the gates and supporting water protectors stood in solidarity and song. When news of the devastating train wreck near Olympia, 30 miles south, broke, leaders immediately led everyone in prayer for the victims and their families. The day continued peacefully in prayer and solidarity. One activist and one elder were arrested – we will keep you updated on their situation.

You can see several live feeds of the action on Native Daily News’ Facebook page. Here is one example:

Check out more of Elliot Stoller’s beautiful photos of the event (pictured above):

This is the fourth of several direct actions we are taking to raise awareness and bring a stop to construction on this dangerous facility that is being built in violation of federal and state permits. We are deeply grateful for your support along the way. Thank you for sharing!

44,231 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000.

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Petition update · BRING BLACKY BACK HOME. This beautiful vaccinated and kastrated BLACKY has been removed from ashram. ·



Dec 19, 2017 — A few days back Blacky was caught and removed from the sai baba ashram by a so called FOOD INSPECTOR, MR. SATYANARAYANA RAO, which is a cover up title, he is not an authorized food inspector. His dirty work is to eliminate all the sai baba ashram dogs. He has an office inside the ashram next to block south 5. From hier he is executing the dogs one by one. This is his mission and he has been doing this for decates. NOW ENOYGH IS ENOUGH. HE MUST BE STOPPED AND BLACKY MUST COME BACK HOME. He will continue to remove dogs and find any excuse to do so, until no more dogs are in the ashram. That is why he must be stopped.

WE and the volunteers all have to do our best to save Blacky from an unknown painful destiny full of suffering and a sure slowly death. Resident people were complaining that he was barking at night and that this was the reason he had to be removed. They also told that he was biting, but the volunteers are telling that this is not true. He is not a biting dog and they have no prove that Blacky is biting. Blacky is part of a 5 dogs group and they want the whole group to be dissolved so they can remove the rest of the 4 dogs.

We request Mrs Clementien and Mr. Narendra from the Karuna society to show responsibility and stop this man from removing more dogs and also to help to bring BLACKY back in the ashram again. Karuna Society has been sleeping the last year and has allowed 5 old dogs to be beaten, so they all died in a few month and 3 old dogs and many cats to be removed from western canteen and sweet loving dogs to be caught and thrown somewhere to an unknown painful destiny with a sure slowly death, and now they are allowing them to take BLACKY. They are allowing The ashram to do whatever they want to do with the dogs without stopping them. Dogs that were sweet and loving and harming no one. This time we all expect that The Karuna Society is going to help. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN GET THE INFORMATIONS ABOUT WHERE BLACKY IS. IT IS A QUESTION ABOUT IF THEY CARE ENOUGH AND ARE WILLNG TO SAVE BLACKY AND TO STOP THIS MAN FROM HARMING MORE DOGS.

An Animal Welfare Organisations responsibility is to care for the animals and not only to give treatment to the sick animals. We reguerst Mrs Clementien and Mr Narendra to show more responsibility and to do what is their duty and to save Blacky. Now It is time for them to use their power and animal rights and fight for Blacky. They should not think that this is unimportant. Every dog caunts and matters.

BRING BLACKY BACK HOME. DO NOT GIVE SUCCES TO Mr. Satyanarayana Rao. Every succes given to him will just make him more strong and more eager to get rid of all the ashram dogs. THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED. ( Animal welfare organization Karuna Society, CLEMENTIEN)

14,062 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000.
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​Cats and Antifreeze – How to Keep Your Cat Safe – Katzenworld

It’s that time of year again when we remind all cat owners about the dangers of antifreeze. Once the temperatures fall, many people use antifreeze as a way of combating ice. It’s used in car… More

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