Countdown; the years of review

Wild Horse Education

120817BA_FLR - 1 (6) Fox Lake and Range stallion, just captured, now awaiting his fate in captivity. Will 2018 bring a bullet to his head, literally? (I love his old eyes. A cataract, but he can still see me)

In two weeks the year 2017 comes to a close, we step into 2018. 2017 brought the reality of the battlefield of public land, and the fight for our wild horses to gain a fair shake, to  the surface of the American consciousness. However, this war for public land and resource has been waged over decades. The last ten years have seen what many have dubbed “the third rise of the sage brush rebellion” show it’s identity in full color. A land grab by States, and deep private pockets, to usurp resources that belong to all Americans, has been mounting and is now running full steam with very little in the ay to stop it…

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