Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks

A museum is killing chicks just a few days after they hatch so a new batch of eggs can be put in the incubator. This museum claims this cruel practice teaches the public about life cycles. Sign this petition and demand the museum put a stop to the senseless killing of baby chicks.

Source: Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks

Dog Allegedly Thrown to the Ground and Beaten Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly beaten and thrown to the ground in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Shocking video footage captured a man allegedly beating the helpless dog. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Dog Allegedly Thrown to the Ground and Beaten Deserves Justice

Dog Severely Burned While Chained to Kennel Deserves Justice

A dog named Tank nearly burned to death when his kennel was set on fire while he was chained to it. Tank could not escape the flames and suffered excruciating burns on sixty-percent of his body. Demand justice for Tank.

Source: Dog Severely Burned While Chained to Kennel Deserves Justice

Five ways to look after your cat in the cold weather

Top tips for keeping pets safe at Christmas time – Katzenworld

As one of the biggest and busiest celebrations of the year, Christmas is a very exciting time for humans.  However, for many animals Christmas can be a source of anxiety and can even present potential… More

Source: Top tips for keeping pets safe at Christmas time – Katzenworld

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Petition · Justice for Skeletal Puppy Starved Nearly to Death ·

When police found this abused beagle puppy, skeleton from starvation, the poor dog was in such bad shape that the Vets thought they’d have to euthanize. This emaciated puppy with just one of the five dogs seized from a Leitchfield, Kentucky home. All of them were severely neglected and living among dead animals including several dead chickens. Although the puppy managed to survive the round-the-clock  veterinarian care, the dog would likely had died too had the police not intervened.

Petition · Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation! ·

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Petition update · Victory! Prison for the men who laughed as a tortured a shark in Florida ·

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Dec 13, 2017 — Mugshots and everything. We did it. Thank you so much for your help everyone. Thank you for your signature, your emails. Thank you for calling the FWC and the State Attorney’s office. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for having faith even when the odds were against us. Thank you for uniting and encouraging each other.

Of course, we still must await the outcome of the trial, but the fact that charges were even pressed is monumental. They had been getting away with this behavior for years until all of us stood up and said no more. This is proof that we can make a difference.
Florida men who dragged shark behind boat charged with cruelty
The three men in a viral video showing a shark being violently dragged behind a speeding boat have…

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