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Sean McCarthy
January 27, 2017

Running an animal sanctuary has its perks, namely, you get to hang out with adorable farm animals every day! But the job also comes with grave responsibilities and sometimes rescuers are forced to wade into horrifying situations in order to save animals in need.

The rescuers from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, an animal sanctuary in Chile, encountered one of these shockingly brutal situations on their last rescue mission. They got a call about a fire on a sheep ranch and they immediately got in their car and made the two-hour drive. When they arrived, most of the sheep had perished in the fire and the 50 that survived had already been sent to the slaughter house. But undaunted, Santuario Igualdad’s team began to pick their way through the charred rubble in the hopes of finding some surviving sheep – and they did! Here is the story of the two surviving sheep Dorothy and Anne.
The rescue team arrived on to a hellish scene of scorched earth and smoke. The team began to look for survivors and discovered Dorothy huddled under a thicket of thorns. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
She was badly burned and incredibly weak so the rescuers put her in a wheelbarrow and rushed her back to the van for immediate medical attention. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
While they were returning to the van, they ran into Anne. She was so terrified by the fire, she attempted to run away from her would-be saviors. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
Santuario Igualidad’s team eventually caught up with here got both the sheep in the van and returned to the sanctuary to give them fluids and treat their burns. 

These two brave sheep are currently being attended to by the sanctuary’s veterinarian and fighting to survive their horrific experience. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
They are getting the best medical care available, and lots of love from the people at the sanctuary.
Our thoughts are with these poor sheep and with Santuario Igualdad’s rockstar team of rescuers.

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire

Even though these sheep are in Chile, you can help them by donating to Santuario Igualdad Interespecie. Your donation will help to buy food, provide shelter, and give medical care to these sheep. You can also adopt one of these girls by sending them a monthly donation and ensuring that they are happy and safe for the rest of their lives.


Petition: Stop Reindeer Cruelty in Shopping Malls

Each year as Christmas approaches, shopping malls around the country begin to advertise live reindeer parades and shows. While attending these events may be innocent holiday fun for shoppers, the reindeer that are forced to perform, have a very different experience. Reindeer typically found in huge herds in icy  arctic temperatures are often isolated and confined to tiny holding  areas under unnatural, glaring light, surrounded by people and noise for days on end. Most don’t get to enjoy anything close to natural habitat.

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Petition: Fire Cop Who Ordered Man to Cut Off His Dog’s Head!

The horrifying incident began when the sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Goodwin’s home after a neighbor called to report a dog bite involving Big Boy. While on the scene, Big Boy allegedly charged at the deputy who shot and killed him on the spot. When Goodwin arrived, he and the deputy calmly  talked about what happened. The situation was not ideal but it was under control, until the Sheriff’s investigator James Hollis arrived. What started as a series of questions about  Big Boy’s vaccination records quickly escalated and turned into the investigator ordering Goodwin’s to cut off Big Boy’s head and  for the girlfriend to put the dogs head in a bag and bring it to the health department, he was ordered to do so or he would go to jail.  Video footage of the  encounter shows Hollis threatening to arrest Goodwin if he dose not comply.

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Terrified Dog Guardian Got Arrested Rushing His Dog to the Hospital – Let’s Help Him Cover the Expenses | One Green Planet

Aleksandra Pajda
December 5, 2017 

Thor, a three-year-old Doberman pinscher, had the unbelievable bad luck of getting into a grave accident in front of his own home in Holliston, Massachusetts. The dog, a beloved pet of his carers, Peter and Eunice Rogaishio, was struck by not one but two cars – and needed immediate medical care.

After the accident, Thor’s carer, Rogaishio was in shock. He waited for Animal Control to arrive, but during heavy rush hour, they were clearly taking too long. Finally, he decided not to risk the dog’s life any longer – and put Thor in the back of his car to get him to IVG MetroWest in Natick as soon as possible.

Desperate to help his dog in time, Rogaishio illegally passed several vehicles, one being a Natick Police Officer. Rogaishio was pulled over and arrested on the spot. Seeing the dog lying lifelessly in the back seat and the blood on the man, the police took his truck and rushed Thor to the emergency room at the clinic.
Miraculously, Thor emerged from the accident victorious! He was transported to Tufts Medical in Grafton with three broken legs – compound breaks to both of the front legs and a shattered femur. He also suffered facial injuries and has a number of other wounds.
Fortunately, the police did recognize that there were extenuating circumstances that made Rogaishio drive the way he did. At his hearing, he was ordered to complete a traffic safety course in the next two months.

The estimated cost of Thor’s medical care is $22,000 – which does not include the months of recovery ahead of him. To help his family with the immense costs, Lisa Zais, who witnessed the moments right after Thor’s accident, created a crowdfunding page. 

“Thor’s will to survive is amazing, he has the heart of a lion!” she writes about the pup. The beloved dog has a long way to get back to health yet – but the worst is already behind him and, with a little bit of help, he will hopefully have the chance to forget all about the ill-fated day of his accident altogether.

You can help Thor and his family by donating to his medical care via his GoFundMe page.

All image source: GoFundMe