A Look Back At The 2014 Fire Near San Onofre Nuclear Power Station Which Is Again At Risk Due To Fires

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Overlays of NOAA weather forecast, Near Real Time Fire Data, and San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Stations. This is just to give a general idea. Fire data changes by the second. From Day 1 to Day 2 Forecast extreme area expands well into the critical area. See population and land area at risk on twin maps below.

48 H Fire Data Source: https://earthdata.nasa.gov/earth-observation-data/near-real-time/firms/active-fire-data Fire Weather Outlook Source: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/fire_wx/fwdy1.html
2014 Fire Near San Onofre Nuclear Power Station
May 2014 wildfire near San Onofre NGS, NRC
Zoom showing that the yellow indicates radioactive area
zoom of fire near San Onofre

Fires have been raging again in California. In 2014 a wildfire threatened San Onofre nuclear power station. The US NRC doesn’t appear to have taken it very seriously – not surprising since they appear to take virtually nothing about nuclear safety seriously. According to the NRC it was started by a fire on Highway 5. http://public-blog.nrc-gateway. gov/2014/05/20/southern-california-fire-puts-spotlight-on-nrc-regs/
San Onofre Highway 5

However, NASA took note of the…

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Southern California Fire Weather Forecast Extreme: Many Millions Of People At Risk

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If you are getting rain or snow be grateful.

The Ventura wildfire exploded to nearly 80 square miles (207 square kilometers) in a matter of hours. It was fanned by dry Santa Ana winds clocked at well over 60 mph (96 kph) and spit embers up to a half-mile (0.8 kilometers) ahead of fire lines.” (“California Communities Under Siege From Wind-driven Fires“, December 05, 2017 10:30 PM) https://www.voanews.com/a/california-wildfire-ruins-hundreds-homes/4151190.html

11:50 p.m.: –  The biggest and most destructive wildfire burning in Southern California has jumped U.S. Highway 101, nearly reaching the ocean and forcing new evacuations.” (California Wildfire Hops Highway, Nears Ocean, Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Sacramento, CA. http://www.capradio.org/articles/2017/12/05/southern-california-wildfire-burns-150-structures-winds-increasing )

California Fire Maps and more: http://www.fire.ca.gov

Overlays of NOAA weather forecast, Near Real Time Fire Data, and San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Stations. This is just to give a general idea…

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Petition · United States Department of the Interior: Preserve Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument! · Change.org

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s vast and austere landscape in Southern Utah’s embraces a spectacular array Of scientific and historic resources. Donald Trump’s Administration, along with Utah’s delegation, is currently engaging in efforts to substantially reduce the monument. This effect is an archaic and illogical assault on one of the crown jewels of America’s National Monuments and an economic threat to the gateway communities of the Grand Staircase-Escalante.


Petition update · 12/6/17 HB 473-Ponce’s Law PASSED in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee · Change.org

Petition update
12/6/17 HB 473-Ponce’s Law PASSED in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Debbie Taylor Darino
Daytona Beach, FL

Dec 6, 2017 — Ponce’s Law HB 473 passed unanimously in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee this morning. We still have 2 more committees to get passed in the “House” and the “Senate” still needs to get it set on the committee agendas in the senate. Here is a show for today’s meeting:

Bill Number: 0473
Action: Favorable
Committee: Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Date: 12/6/2017 8:00:00 AM
Sponsor: Leek (CO-SPONSORS) Brodeur; Clemons; Killebrew; Ma…
Subject: Cruelty to Animals
Record Vote:
– Alexander Y Gonzalez Y Latvala Y Richardson Y Sullivan
– Altman – Hager – Moskowitz Y Slosberg Y Yarborough
Y Eagle (Y) Harrell Y Pritchett Y Spano

Total Yeas: 9 Total Nays: 0 Total Missed: 5 Total Votes

77,538 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000.


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