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Petition:Man Who Entombed His Dog in Ice, Freezing Her to Death, Must be Prosecuted – ForceChange

A dog suffered horribly and later died after she was entombed in ice by her owner. The owner poured water over the dog in Sub-Zero temperatures causing her to slowly freeze. Demand Justice for this poor dog that was forced to die a slow painful death at the hands of her owner. The rescuer who arrived on the scene to save the dog after she was found Frozen to the floor of her kennel. Shocking video then taken by the rescuers, showed a dying dog waving a single paw as the rest of her body remain painfully Frozen in place. The Rescuers were able to free the dog, her suffering became too much, she had to be euthanized.


V-Dog Wiggle Biscuits Review – Vegan Treats Your Dog Will Love!

Vegan Treasure Hunter

Company: V-Dog

Product: Wiggle Biscuits


Dogs can thrive on a vegan diet just like humans can! V-Dog makes high-quality plant-based dog food and treats that will make your dog’s tastebuds happy… and you can feel good about giving your dog with a good, clean diet.


These Wiggle Biscuits are absolutely adorable! They’re small, crunchy heart-shaped treats that contain all natural ingredients that are great for your little fur baby!

Peanut butter provides protein, fiber and biotin, and flaxseed provides omega-3s, vitamin E and is an anti-inflammatory. Banana packs these little biscuits with potassium and electrolytes and coconut oil helps your dog’s skin stay healthy and adds Vitamin K and choline!


Right out of the bag, you can smell the cinnamon which really helps to reduce stinky dog breath! You can’t get all of these benefits in an everyday dog treat! These are truly special and your dog deserves the best!

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