Man beats and strangles puppy before ‘breaking its leg’ as onlooker stands behind camera LAUGHING – Mirror …

Police are investigating a serious case of animal cruelty after a video emerged of a man beating a puppy while an onlooker cruelly laughs from behind the camera.

The footage, which was uploaded to Facebook, shows a man dragged the puppy from the car and whip it with its own lead. He then attaches the lead and flings the dog, believed to be called lady,over his shoulder before walking away.

After a short distance the man slams the dog to the ground.

3 comments on “Man beats and strangles puppy before ‘breaking its leg’ as onlooker stands behind camera LAUGHING – Mirror …

  1. The puppy was a gentle peaceful dog too and that is a white haired man doing it. I really think the human species is beyond salvation as a group by now. Many pets are becoming as dysfunctional as their owners but this was such a sweet dog. I wonder why I even keep on with my blog for many will get what they deserve. But, I have to recall that the animals don’t have an option and we are reponsible for them. Russia told people to ignore the Mayak leak and just drink beer and watch ball, according to Bellona. They don’t even have to tell most Americans. People need to subdivide the town and drive around on street view to find the culprit.

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    • I know how you feel!!! That is a pit puppy and this is what they do to them that and a whole lot worse if I told you the things I have seen you be sick to your stomach,. getting them prepared for dog fighting…..they did find them and the dog is safe, she’s recovering and doing well, she’s a beautiful girl. I just put out a petition tonight and they better prosecute him because people are getting tired of this, they really need to Crackdown on dog fighting and animal abuse it’s getting out of control

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