Why this deer disease could change the way Americans hunt forever


3 comments on “Why this deer disease could change the way Americans hunt forever

  1. If you look at the occurence and that governments test deer it becomes clear that these are almost certainly caused by radioactive materials. British mad cow outbreak was around the time of Chernobyl and near Sellafield-Windscale. Squirrel outbreaks in the area of Paducah, deer outbreaks near Rocky Flats. They used to say that chlorine killed it and chlorine would bind the rad materials and send it down the drain. Then they said it can’t be killed, sneaks around the immune system etc. All sounds like radioactive materials, which can sneak into the brain.

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    • I wondered about that, because it reminds you a lot what happens to humans that are exposed. I wonder how long it takes to manifest, probably not too long,everything spread through an animal a lot faster, which makes me wonder how accurate their testing, because they’re probably using the cheapest and fastest method.

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