Petition: Don’t let Missy the drowned dog die in vain.

There is just no justification drowning your dog in a rucksack.  Yet when one Norwich, UK man learned of looming veterinarian bills for his dog Missy he did the unthinkable. He stuffed his dog in a rucksack with only your head sticking out of the bag and tossed her into the river. Horribly the sick dog awake when she hit the water,trying in vain to escape the the bag and swim to shore.

 She didn’t make it. Please sign the petition and don’t let Missy die in vain.

Petition: Urge SpaceX and Blue Origin to Help Save Vital Climate Satellites

The US – and scientist around the world could soon lose precious information needed to understand and address the climate crisis, thanks to climate change deniers and Congress.

 The US government polar sea ice monitoring program now has just three functioning research satellites. Each is beyond its shelf life and the government officials say another satellite cannot be launch before 2023.

Petition · Ryan Zinke: Ban elephant ivory and tusks from being imported into the U.S. ·

The faith of African elephants will be decided next week. In response to mass opposition the Trump Administration has temporarily halted the policy changed to lift the ban on elephant hunting trophies Ivory and body parts, until conservation facts can be “reviewed.”

TELL CONGRESS NOW: No Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

This would destroy one of the world’s most iconic and vital landscapes – critical for the survival of many Alaskan native people including the Gwich’ in Nation, and home to migratory birds from six continents and the porcupine caribou herd. With climate change already threatened this fragile refuge,it’s unacceptable that the Administration and Congress are putting the needs of big business and oil before our planet and ecosystems.  Activists and environmentalist have been fighting against dangerous drilling here for decades – and we can’t give up. We need to demand that Congress act now to protect America’s last unspoiled Wilderness from oil drilling.

Let’s End Live Pigeon Shoots – Now!

Humane PA

I will never give up on passing a straight-forward bill to end live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.  My resolve to do so is unwavering due in large part to Splash – the beautiful white pigeon pictured below – a bird rescued from a shoot held many years ago at the Philadelphia Gun Club in Bensalem.  The rescue of Splash lives indelibly in my memory.  I stood on the shoreline of a neighboring property to the club, my ears hurting from the sound of gun shots, my eyes burning from the cold and from watching wounded

splash 8 (2)
Splash, rescued from a live pigeon shoot by Humane PA president, Elissa Katz, enjoying his new life.

birds plunge into the frigid Delaware River, helplessly watching them bob and struggle and ultimately drown.  And then one bird kept bobbing and struggling, and was so close to shore! Finally, he was in shallow enough water that I could grab him. I quickly placed this battered and wounded…

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