Petition: End Violent Bullfights Now | Animal Petitions

Both harm to the bullfighter and the death of of this innocent animal, has highlighted bullfighting is a barbaric Bloodsport that must be brought to an end.

Justice for Mother Wolf Murdered by Poachers | Animal Petitions

A four and a half year old female wolf and mother are several pups was discovered  slaughtered in Northeastern Oregon. she is the latest victim of illegal wolf poaching in the state.

Puppy Reportedly Dragged Behind Car and Then Decapitated Deserves Justice | Animal Petitions

A woman claims her boyfriend choked her then turned his anger on her puppy dragging the puppy behind a car  then decapitated with a hatchet.

Flashback Friday, #BlackFriday

Wild Horse Education

One year ago we sat at the Owyhee roundup. It wasn’t the first roundup of wild horses in the complex and it wont be the last. For weeks we reported from the roundup, alone. Things had changed, winds had shifted and politics, that always had more power than reality no longer had reason to temper itself. The push was on to make “spay and slaughter” a mainline item in the next round of legislation. (you can read the recap from the first phase here, it’s not pretty:

“I get so tired of having to fight stupid games. Having to fight for the First Amendment, as the grandchild of a man that fought in two world wars, is an obscenity.” Laura Leigh of WHE

We had to address our own fight. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contractor began threatening us with a “libel” suit during operations. We had…

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