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Petition: Stray Dogs Beaten, Dragged on Motorcycle and Dumped Deserve Justice – ForceChange

Video footage posted on Facebook reportedly shows Jinda Kanchan hitting the first dog seven times, then beating the second dog with the same wooden stick, the man in the video then put the dogs onto his motorcycle and beat them again and drove away. Per a witness the attacker then dumped into a canal.

Petition: Stop Japan’s Antarctic Whale Massacre

Petition: Join us in our call for a dog meat free Indonesia

Petition: Punish Groomer Accused of Breaking Dog’s Jaw in Fit of Rage | Animal Petitions

Demand that the dog groomer who allegedly abused two dogs and broke ones jaw be charged with animal cruelty and receive the maximum penalty by law.

Petition: End the Dog Genocide in Jordan – ForceChange

The Senseless Slaughter Must Be Stopped Immediately. Thousands of stray dogs have already been killed and the remaining animals must be protected from such a fate.

Petition: Turkish tragedy: Dog starvation on a colossal scale – Network for Animals

The law says that authorities must help, but they do not. 10,000 dogs have no food,no veterinary care and no shelter, but with your support they will have hope

Please sign the petition and if you can give a donation.