Petition: Justice for Baby Elephant Burned Alive – ForceChange

A baby elephant was severely burned and terrorized,after it was struck with a flaming bar of tar in the East Indian state of West Bengal. Award-winning photographer Biplab Hazra captures the exact moment the mob of” jeering men”threw the balls of tar and firecrackers at the calf.

7 comments on “Petition: Justice for Baby Elephant Burned Alive – ForceChange

  1. This is absolutely disgusting! Shameful and an act of pure cruelty, those involved should be prosecuted, those that watched and did nothing are just as bad. What goes around comes around in my world…… they are all a total disgrace!

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  2. Yes….. there are enough issues with poaching of which there are many organisations doing everything they can to fight this and then you read shameful stories like this!

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    • Well I’m hoping this photograph makes an impact and they start prosecuting, I personally would like to see the death penalty….it’s time we eliminate the human trash!!!


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